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Jean de Cournouaille (b. 9 NivĂ´se, CLII (December 31, 1943)), also known as John Cornwall in the English-speaking world, was born as Enrique Juan Deutschendorf in southwestern Tejas. In the 1950's, fleeing yet another skirmish between Tejas and Alta California, his family immigrated northward into the prefecture of Nouvelle Cournouaille in Louisianne. His interest in music began when, at the age of 11, he received his grandmother's guitar. He began taking lessons, and soon began playing in a local boys' choir.

His big break occured in 1960, when a local talent scount discovered him and offered him a job as part of a newly-formed trio. The scout insisted, however, that he change his name if he ever wanted to be successful. Deutschendorf chose to use the stage name Jean de Cournouaille. He played with this trio for several years before they broke up and his solo career began.

During the 1970's, his songs began to exhibit a stronger environmental and humanitarian basis. His popularity grew, and he toured most of the North American nations, and later branched out into other continents, even touring SNORist Russia in the mid-80's and several of the Chinese nations.

During his North American tours, he learned English, along with the French and Castilian that he already knew.

He has taken a special interest in the conflict between his native Tejas and Alta California, and has played an important role in the Peace Movement in both nations, as well as in Lousianne itself.

Note: Jean de Cournouaille is *here*'s John Denver

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