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Allied Powers Hetalia is a Japanese manga and anima series in 2008, written by Himaruya Kazuyoxi, author of popular manga series Confined at Home. It explores the story of nations becoming anthropomorphic humans, especially during the time of the Second Great War. However, it expanded to other time periods especially today. It exaggerates Japanese stereotypes, negative and positive, of other countries. The story deals with the titular character named Italy, who was trying to beat back the Holy Roman invasion of his country despite his limited resources and abilities, as well as infighting between the constituent states of Italy, hence, called "Incompetent Italy" from the translation in Japanese.

The series has been controversial in the Republic of Two Crowns where the character representing Veneda as a crossdressing male, and there was an attempt as well in other parts of the Japanese Empire to ban it, especially Corea.



Allied Powers

  • Italy-the main character of the series. While a good cook, he's beleaguered with his own incompetence in combat as well as infighting between the Italian states.
  • France-a romantic country, but somewhat perverted. He tried with Dalmatia and Ireland to build a rocket to space, but they ended up doing nothing for simple reasons as the color of the rocket.
  • Gaulhe-France's more level-headed sister. She is related to and friends with Aragon.
  • England-an ill tempered country that wants to preserve the idea of Top Nation. He badmouths other countries for their perceived failures, but is secretly insecure about failures of his own and seems to have a not-so-subtle crush on America.
  • Kemr-easily the most sensible of the members of the FK, he "nannies" the others to an extent. They are essentially his adopted brothers, although there was a time when they were fierce enemies. Despite being the most straight-laced of the British nations, he is not without his own quirks; for example, his love of fantasy novels and an unusually strong love of sheep.
  • Scotland-England's redheaded brother, with even more of a temper than England and a fiercely independent attitude. He is somewhat less elitist than England, but is far stingier.
  • Two Sicilies-Italy's more aggressive brother.
  • Egypt-a Middle Eastern country who was a rival of Ethiopia.
  • Australasia-a Federation in Oceania. He's an outdoor-loving country, and his anti-China hostility (China will send his boat, people!) has been played for laughs.
  • Louisianne-not a member of the Allied Powers per-se, but joins France's Foreign Legion to fight. At times, he's seen with Japan building rockets to go to space.
  • North American League-Simply known as America. A mixed-race country, America wants to spread his superior popular culture and his utilitarian style by using the philosophy "Less is More". He's a happy-go-lucky country, but can be passive-aggressively nice at times in accordance with Less Is More.

Italian States

  • Lombardy
  • Veneto: A hopeless romantic, he dreams of a "kiss kiss fall in love" type of situation for all the Italies someday. However, he displays surprising naval prowess, and in the past was able to kick Turkey (then the Ottoman Empire) out of the Eastern Mediterranean multiple times alongside Dalmatia.
  • Parma
  • Liguria

Scandinavian Realm

  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Iceland
  • Greenland
  • Finland

Iberian Pact

  • Castile-a somewhat ditzy playboy with a tendency towards living "la dulce vida".
  • Aragon-Castile's more level-headed neighbour and half-sister to Gaulhe, she likes a simple, hardworking life. She is a surprisingly adept computer technician and fashion designer.
  • Portugal-rather reserved and melancholic compared to the businesslike Aragon and hedonistic Castile, but an excellent host. He is rather poor, but somehow still manages to scrounge up enough money to pay for the Mandala system.


  • Holy Roman Empire/Germany-once a powerful state, now he is frail and feels that his time is up. He seems to be infatuated with Italy, and wants him to join his empire so they can be great together again.
  • Hungary
  • Greece
  • Ethiopia

German States

  • Prussia-A nation who seems to be convinced of his own greatness. He often does rash things like attack Russia in the winter just to prove his prowess, but the other states suspect he might be compensating for Holy Rome's weaknesses.
  • Saxony
  • Hesse
  • Bavaria-Easily one of the less concerned with the war, he'd rather drink free communal beer all day and rely on welfare. He speaks with a strong Cansai regional accent, intended to emulate the Bavarian German dialect.
  • Austria-Bavaria's significantly more uptight brother, with a love of skiing and chocolates. He loves to sing opera, particularly Mozart.
  • Bohemia
  • Jervaine
  • Helvetia-a paranoid mountain nation who stocks arms to prevent another Anschluss. A terrible cook.
  • Batavia-


  • Russia-seemingly pacifist on the surface, he is in reality a psychotic nation who believes he has a divine mission to save the world from itself.
  • Ukraine
  • Belorussia
  • Estonia
  • Nassland
  • Latvia-A shy, short wallflower who is practically in Russia's pocket. Nothing ever seems to go right for him.
  • Lithuania-An awkward boy who is perpetually frightened by Russia. He is Veneda's lover, although the two are separated in period stories; the two form the Erdeka together.
  • Slevania

Danubians and Balkan countries

  • Serbia-the self-proclaimed leader of the Balkans.
  • Dalmatia-a trigger-happy woman that was at odds with most of the other Balkan states. Her Dalmatian accent is rendered in Japanese as a Niigata dialect.
  • Croatia-a neosnorist in all but name, he believes strongly in his superiority, and is often seen as a depraved, bloodthirsty nation whose only fear is Dalmatia.
  • Bulgaria
  • Sanjak
  • Slovenia
  • Xliponia-a young petite woman that practices strict neutrality.
  • Albania
  • Istria

Chinese Countries

  • China-in prewar and stories set during the Second Great War, he is a scary, fiery nation with somewhat megalomaniacal tendencies. He believes profoundly in the idea of honour, and resents the Western nations for stealing his. He was supposedly killed in the nuclear attack on Beijing.
  • Beihanguo/North China: A young nation with a striking resemblance to China, he is an optimistic, vigorous nation who fancies himself as the leader of the Chinas; though his memory begins around 1949, he is occasionally plagued by nightmares of a dragon-country who tried to destroy all of Asia, as detailed in a story about the Moon Festival. Has a fierce rivalry with Japan and Korea.
  • Manchuria: Beihanguo's so-called 'spouse'. She tries to leave Beihanguo's house, but is always caught by Beihanguo.
  • Nanhanguo/South China: Beihanguo's twin, she's more of a reserved personality. Loves pandas and has a pet panda named Panda-zi.
  • Fujian: The self-proclaimed leader of Futainan, he's actually incompetent in managing the economy, and so he let his 'sisters' do the job for him.
  • Hainan: a young girl who loves to go to the beach. She runs Futainan's tourism industry as well as agriculture.
  • Taiwan: a plucky teenage woman who controls Futainan's pocket.
  • Canton
  • Hong Kong: He lives, partially by choice and partially by force, under England's supervision. He is a financial genius who is able to calculate large sums in his head in mere seconds. His house is modern and made of glass and steel.
  • Macau: He has lived under Portugal's supervision since the 1500s. A quite rich and fancy nation, he seems to have picked up some Iberian playboy tendencies, but nevertheless lives a safe and stable life.
  • Hunan: a warlike "Communist Empire", he seeks to emulate the former China but with a Communist twist.

Japanese Countries

  • Japan/Yamato
  • Corea
  • Liuqiu-a cricket-addicted Asian country.
  • Ezo-a farmer country, but his psyche has been affected by being a SNORist satellite. He tries to "rationalize" everything, including the arrangement of toilets, with humorous results.

Other countries

  • Turkey-a mask-wearing country. He used to be/run the Ottoman Empire, but proved to be a horrible parent and all of the nations under his rule left him. He's close with Sanjak. Hates Greece and Serbia with a passion.
  • Veneda-a cross-dressing gay male. He is married to Lithuania and is quite good with the piano.
  • Bornei
  • Montrei
  • Filipinas
  • Nam Viet
  • Myqan Daij
  • Samraj
  • Cyprus-actually two characters, one representing the Greeks, the other the Turks.


The series release one manga volume per year. Currently, the series has eight volumes.

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