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Less Is More is a subtle compromise between Jante's Law and the idea of the Pioneering Spirit. The purpose of Jante's Law is to aggressively deny that anyone is better than anyone else, whereas the purpose of Pioneering Spirit is to promote a person's achievements through acts of pomp and ostentation — at least in theory. Less Is More is a compromise between these two disparate world-views by promoting a person's achievements by refusing to make an issue out of it — in fact, by making a point of not making it an issue (hence reminding everyone of its truth). In essence, Less Is More comes across as a pride in subtlety or austentatious humility.

For example, the Solemn League Navy's parade dress uniforms are considered relatively plain for such, but their stark whiteness, straightforward cut and relative lack of ornamentation in some ways makes a point much louder than dress swords, plumes and rows of multi-colored ribbons. Likewise, the office of General Moderator of the NAL is by any standards one of the most powerful political posts in the world. Yet the person holding it wears no uniform at all, nor even so much as a sash, and proper address is usually by name ("Mr. Levi") or simply by title ("General Moderator" or at most "General Moderator, sir"). An early Senator, Samuel Quincey Adams, suggested the GM be referred to as "His Serene Highness" only to see the idea laughed down in the Senate Chamber.

The essence of Less Is More is that the genuine possession of authority, power, wealth, achievement, etc. can be best shown off by refusing to show it off. The assumption is that the esteem and position involved is so clear that to point it out is boorish and unnecessary.

More than anywhere else, the NAL-SLC is the most common place to encounter Less Is More.

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