Charles VI of Aragon

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Charles VI of Aragon
King of Aragon Carles VI
King of Two Sicilies Carles V
King of Riu de L'Argent Carles III
Lord of Oran
Emperor of Carthage
Archduke of Sardinia
Reign: 1997 to the present.
Predecessor: Ferdinand V of Aragon
Date: ...
Place: ...
Profession: Lawyer, Economist
Political Party: N/A
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic


The current King of Aragon is Charles Bourbon, and he is:

  • The King of Aragon as Charles VI
  • The King of the Two Sicilies as Charles V
  • The King of the Riu de l'Argent as Charles III
  • The Lord of OrĂ n (Oran is dependant of Aragon)
  • The Emperor of Carthage (Carthage is dependant to the Two Sicilies)
  • The Archduke of Sardinia (Sardinia is dependant of the Two Sicilies)

Preceded by:

Ferran V /
Ferdinado V /
Ferran I

King of Aragon
King of the Two Sicilies
King of Riu de L'Argent
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