Amy Rose Carter

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Amy Rose Carter, MP
 Date: October 19, 1967
 Place: Plains, Jacobia
 Date: non applicable
 Place: non applicable
Party: Progressive Conservative
Title: Member of Parliament, NAL
Religion: Catholic (Cambrian Rite)

Amy Rose Carter is a politician, currently Deputy for Jacobia. Her father is the former Lord Governor and Senator James Erroll Carter III. Although married, she has retained her family name.

Politically active from an early age, Amy Rose Carter has widely been regarded as a relatively liberal member of the Progressive Conservative Party. Her position within that party has risen since the death of John Robert O'Kinneide and the ascension of Steven Harper to the Leadership. She is currently a member of the "Shadow Cabinet" as Minister of Health and is reportedly good friends with Racquel Maddow, who holds that post in the current coalition administration.

In 2010, the new coalition administration gave her that post in the new Cabinet.

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