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Racquel Maddow, MP
Racquel maddow.jpg
 Date: April 1, 1973
 Place: Kingston, Pays-d'en-haut, Ontario
 Date: non applicable
 Place: non applicable
Party: Whig
Title: Member of Parliament, NAL, Minister of Health
Religion: Catholic (Cambrian Rite)

Racquel Maddow (born 1973) is a Whig Deputy for Massachussets Bay. She earned a degree in Public Policy from Provincial University of New Castreleon in New Amsterdam. She later earned a Doctor of Philosophy at Harvard University in political science.

She won a contest for a new on-air personality in Holyoke, Massachussets Bay and soon became very popular, not least for her sometimes-scathing sense of humor. In 2004 she was drafted by the local Whig Party in special by election for the House of Deputies. She won easily and has been reelected ever since.

Within Parliament, Maddow proved herself left of center but never openly identified herself as a member of the NeoLeft. With the schism that created the Covenant Loyalist Party, her own loyalty to the Whigs gave her greater prominence. In August, 2009 she was elevated by General Moderator Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. to the cabinet as Minister of Health. She had sat upon the House Committee on Health and Medicine since taking office. Over the years, she has been a welcome guest on political talk shows and debates, almost universally acknowledged for her wit and cheerfulness.

Maddow was raised in a strict Latin Rite Catholic household. Her father is a career officer in the Continental Air Force. Evidently some tension exists between her and her parents, especially after her formal transfer to the far more liberal Cambrian Rite. Although private, they make no secret of being lifelong members of the Progressive Conservative Pary. Maddow, an open lesbian, is regularly cited as a "corrupting influence" by the Alliance for Public Decency, an 'honor' she shares with Victoria Lynch. She lives with her partner, an artist, in Boston.

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