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guerra americanais a series of alternate history novels written by Horatio Toledo. The series is written in the first person perspective, but each chapter focuses on a different character, usually about ten people per book.

The story begins with an alternate North American League, called in the books United League of the Covenant. Instead of being recognized as the North American League, Constenhin XII and Henry VII ignore the colonies, sparking a wide-spread revolt that frees the land from their kings.

At the actual start of the series, the First Great War is just beginning. Seeing the chance for revenge against its neighbors from its two wars (remember, this is an alternate history), the ULC sides with the Holy Roman Empire and its allies. The first two novels focus mostly on soldiers fighting the war against Louisianne, Florida, Tejas and Mejico. Though close, the war eventually tips in the favor of the ULC, which imposes a massive war indemnity on its enemies while simultaneously annexing large swaths of Northern Louisianne, East and West Florida, and Oregon in its entirety.

The next three novels focus on the inter-war period, and some of the major economic and political shake-ups that occur in not only the ULC, but also Louisianne, Tejas and Florida, including the peaceful handover of some of the conquered territories by the ULC. The last 3 novels focus the Second Great War, with Louisianne and Tejas sparking the war. The ULC is pushed back by the "Guerra Eclair" of the Louisianne military. However, by the end of the second book, the Louisianne war machine is finally stopped at Kekionga, Miami. At the close of the last novel, Tejas, whose troops were used by Louisianne as cannon-fodder, turns on Louisianne, while simultaneously the ULC bears down on it culminating in the Battle of Paris-sur-Mizouri. It is implied that Louisianne may very well lose Nouvelle Cournouaille, Nouvelle Navarre, and Nouvelle Gaulle to the ULC, and that South Florida will be annexed as well.

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