Şapar Aqniät-uli

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Şapar Aqniät-ulı
Şapar Aqniät-ulı
 Date: 19- Aqpan, Ulu Jıl 1940
 Place: Göktürk, Türkümänistan
 Date: 21- Navruz, Buqa Jıl 2009
 Place: Aşğabat, Türkümänistan
Profession: Politician, Author
Political Party: Wolf Brotherhood
Relgious Affiliation: Manesianity

A Turcoman political leader in Turkestan, Şapar Aqniät-ulı is an ardent and militant pan-Turkist. He is the founder and leader of the extremist Wolf Brotherhood political party, and author of the imperial pan-Turkist political treatise The Seventh Empire.

Among the members of the Wolf Brotherhood, Şapar Aqniät-ulı is regarded in extremely high esteem; critics have seen this as an emerging "cult of personality" and are wary of the Brotherhood's extremist political agenda.

On 21st March 2009 (one of the greatest public holidays of Turkestan), Şapar Aqniät-ulı was brutally murdered in mysterious circumstances. Şapar Aqniät-ulı was found decapitated in the late morning of the 22nd, and so far the murderer has not been brought to justice.

The former head of the Turkic Wolves organisation Yörük Gayrat-ulı succeeded him as head of the Wolf Brotherhood.

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