Louis Philip LeBrun

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Louis Philip "King" LeBrun (born 1958), husband to Peter Dale's eldest daughter, has made no secret of his low opinion of Guillaume Vaschon as well as his intention to succeed Dale. He is reputed to run over two thirds of the trade in illegal drugs within Castreleon New and surrounding provinces.

"King Louis" (as he is sometimes called) dresses extremely well and makes a flamboyant show of appearing in public, which is evidently frowned upon by many associates. He is also a brutal individual, with relatively little concern over what happens to bystanders. In this he is sometimes called "More Youngblood than the Youngbloods."

According to the CBI, LeBrun is believed personally responsible for the murder of the driver who accidentally killed his kid brother in 1979. The woman's body was discovered in 1983 in an abandoned Breuckelen hotel, tied up and with both hands cut off. It is believed she bled to death.

LeBrun's closest confidante is his cousin Georges LeBrun, who is widely regarded as the "King's" natural successor should anything happen to him.