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Guillaume Vaschon (born 1950), father of the missing Andre Vaschon, is believed to be in charge of most if not all of the Signoret famille's legitimate businesses and investments. As such he has some of the closest ties with other familles, especially the Chicago-based Arnauds.

He married one of three daughters of Signoret Duc Peter Dale and as such was one of his Cardinals. Upon Daille's death in 2008, he began to vie with his brother-in-law Louis Philip LeBrun (aka "King Louis"). In effect this has sparked the Signoret Crime War.

A handsome man who plays tennis often, Vaschon is renowned as an excellent negotiator. Unverified stories indicate he was hired by one of Dale's former top lieutenants to assassinate the Duc, but instead informed him and won a high position in the Signoret Famille. He is an advocate of the "old ways" in the Pegre, including an honor code of leaving each others' families alone, including those of law enforcement.