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Purpose: This article exists for the sole purpose of noting geographical taxonomy that differs in Ill Bethisad. Minor differences in spelling or language can be noted here as well as major differences where the name is utterly different *there* than it is *here*. Categories are left broad and may be altered as is seen fit.

Style: Please try to follow a simple and succinct style when noting any differences. This article isn't about geographical features per se. For preference, note the name of the place in its local context and what it's common name is in the primary world; note who in IB uses the name and any links that may be appropriate.



1. Britain and British Isles are a collective name for the islands of far western Europe, home to the Federated Kingdoms and Ireland. The group of islands is called the Western Isles in the popular game of Hazard.

Mountain Ranges

  1. Alpes-Rocheuses and Alpes-Argentés are two terms used for sections of the Rocky Mountains passing near Zarahemla in Louisianne.
  2. Rocheuses is another term for the Rocky Mountains as they go through Louisianne.
  3. Les Noirraines is the local term for the Black Hills of the New Navarra and New Cornwall.

Oceans and Seas

1. The Mazandaran Sea is the local name for the Caspian Sea in Persia, Azerbaijan and Turkestan. It appears as such on maps from these countries, and sometimes on other Central Asian nations' maps too. Occasionally, the local name is noted in parentheses on Western maps of the region.

2. The British Sea is the common name for the English Channel in Ill Bethisad. Also has been labelled as "British Channel" and "English Channel" -- these terms should be corrected.

  • In Old Kerno: Pretannomoros
  • In Modern Kerno: Mors-y-Prythen


1. The aptly-named Lake of Many Names (Lake Victoria *here*) has at least eight (and probably more) different names, depending on the language and politics of the speaker.

2. Lake Mishigami - the older spelling of Lake Michigan is preferred.


  1. The Powtomack is the common name for the Potomac River in Ter Mair of the NAL-SLC. Also spelled Potomack.
  2. The Mizouri is sometimes spelled Missouri in the NAL, but never in Louisianne.