Cabo Sunnibel

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La República de Cabo Sunnibel (Castilian)
Cape Sunnibel Republic(English)
Flag of Cabo Sunnibel
National motto: Ciuded dos Palmas
 Official: Castilian
 Others: English, Scandinavian, Haÿtian Creole
 Capital: Fuerte Menendez
 Other: none
Primer Ministro: Santiago Umferres
Area: 3,653 mi²
Population: 79,589
Independence: from Ireland (Provisional Mandate)
 Date: August 9, 2006
Currency: Peso provisorio; 1$ = 8 reales = 64 soles; 5$ = AÉ£1
Organizations: South Florida

Cabo Sunnibel has progressed to the point of autonomy, and became self-ruling on August 9, 2006[1]. Despite the heavy strikes of two major furocanos in the last two years, construction moves apace in Fuerte Menendez, and the state parliament building is under construction.

Despite its distance from the RTC Zone of Control, there are large numbers of refugee camps, a large percent of them relatives of local denizens. Because of this influx of refugees, the economy is struggling, but looks to rebound under local control and with an increase of tourism from neighboring countries.

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