Tampa del Sul

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El Pays de Tampa (Castilian)
The Land of Tampa (English)
Flag of Tampa del Sul
National motto: La Costa de los Manatis
 Official: Castilian
 Others: English, Haÿtian Creole
 Capital: De Soto
 Other: Ruskina
Primer Ministro: German de Alvarenga
Area: 2,000 km²
Population: 1,147,120 people
Independence: from Ireland (Provisional Mandate)
 Date: September 30, 2006
Currency: Peso provisorio; 1$ = 8 reales = 64 soles; 5$ = AÉ£1
Organizations: South Florida

Tampa del Sul, being so close to Irish control was able to strengthen their government in preparation for their move to autonomy.

Autonomy was granted on December 19, 2006.

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