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El Distrito Federal de Tampa (Castilian)
The Federal District of Tampa (English)
Flag of Tampa
National motto: La Gran Guava
 Official: Castilian
 Others: English, Haÿtian Creole
 Capital: Tampa
 Other: none
Primer Ministro: Ricardo Greco
Area: 1,311 km²
Population: 1,147,120 people
Independence: from Ireland (Provisional Mandate)
 Date: September 15, 2006
Currency: Peso provisorio; 1$ = 8 reales = 64 soles; 5$ = AÉ£1
Organizations: South Florida

Tampa, or the Federal District of Tampa, is the current capital of the South Florida Confederation. It officially became the capital on November 11, 2016, coinciding with the formation of the rest of the nation. As part of this change, it was restructured from a Municipality to a Federal District, and thus its mayor does not have voting power in the High Council. However, the mayor does have voting power in the Commonwealth of the Suncoast, as its capital is in Punta Gorda, Cabo Sunnibel.


Tampa, long the home of the Irish Peacekeeper's command center moved quickly toward autonomy. It was granted full self rule as a "Christmas Present" on December 25, 2006. However, the Irish have maintained forces in South Florida to further train the South Floridian Army and Police Forces. Rumors in foreign press suggest that the Irish are not about to leave South Florida with the possibility of chaos in the eastern half of the nation.

Tampa was the site of the South Floridian Constitutional convention from April 2009 to 2010, and became part of the Commonwealth of the Suncoast on December 17, 2012.


The population of Tampa is mostly Hispanic, but with notable English, Irish, and Montserratian minorities. Before the border was established, the Tampa metropolitan area extended farther north, and there was a much stronger English presence in the city. But since then, many of the English have moved north to the new NAL province of East Florida. Some of them have stayed, and some Hispanic Floridians have moved south, but there still remained many vacant homes. Therefore, in an effort to kill two birds with one stone, the Irish decided to settle 9,380 Montserratian refugees in the area starting in 2005. A volcano had destroyed half of their island a decade beforehand, and they had been languishing in public housing in Ireland. Ireland thus hoped that they would be more welcome in an environment more similar to their own. It has been 15 years since then, and the Montserratians have gotten along with the Floridians for the most part and have mostly integrated into the society. In addition, some Irish peacekeeping forces and their families live in the area to support their homeland's interests.

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