Campos Naranjas

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La República dos Campos Naranjas (Castilian)
Campos Naranjan Republic (English)
Flag of Campos Naranjas
National motto: none
 Official: Castilian
 Others: English, Scandinavian, Haÿtian Creole
 Capital: Ciudad San Antonio
 Other: none
Primer Ministro: Esteban Van Gordon
Area: 3,653 mi²
Population: 79,589
Independence: from Ireland (Provisional Mandate)
 Date: August 9, 2006
Currency: Peso provisorio; 1$ = 8 reales = 64 soles; 5$ = AÉ£1
Organizations: South Florida

Campos Naranjas has progressed to the point of autonomy, and became self-ruling on October 30, 2006. The orange groves from which Campos Naranjas receives its name are producing well and it is expected that Naranjan orange juice will be gracing North American tables soon.

As it is adjacent the RTC Zone of Control, there are large numbers of refugee camps, a large percent of them unrelated to locals. These refugees are serving as a support and strength to the economy as they are gainfully employed in restoring and increasing the orange groves. The Irish Peacekeepers have been overseeing construction of housing for these refugees to further help expand the economic base and future self-sufficiency of this republic.

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