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The Allied Powers was a term used in the First and Second Great Wars used to describe one of major factions in the conflict. The membership of this faction changed over time. For example, Russia was a member during GW1 but not during GW2. The Scandinavian Realm opposed the Allied Powers in GW1 but eventually joined them in GW2. There was also a period during the First Great War when the NAL's membership wavered and one in the Second where the Federated Kingdoms' did.

Despite this rotating membership and the lack of any structure that could be called a true supra-national organization, the Allied Powers did in fact have a fairly extensive infrastructure in place. Evolved during the First Great War, its purpose was primarily communications and logistics as well as determining specific protocols of jurisdiction between disperate militaries and their bureacracies.

In general, this infrastructure was overseen by the Allied Powers Coordinations Office (APCO), which was essentially a staff for the Joint Operations Committee (JOC). This latter consisted of general or flag officers from each of the Allied Powers and their staffs. Chairmanship of the Committee was rotating, with each member-state's senior officer present acting as Chair for a term of six months. Initially, this consisted of an army general and a navy admiral for each member, but by the Second Great War any nation that could also include an officer from their air force.

Between the Wars, the Joint Operations Committee lost nearly all its members and its budget was scaled back. It met perhaps once or twice a year and did little but confirm general plans for combined war games or help expedite paperwork leftover from the conflict.

Following the end of the Second Great War, the infrastructure of the APCO was eventually coopted for the Commonwealth of Nations.

Members during the First Great War:

Members during the Second Great War:

Flag of the Allied Powers

Historians generally refer to the Allied Powers to refer to the FK, France, Italy, Russia, the Batavian Kingdom and the NAL during the First Great War. During the Second Great War, the term generally refers to the same group, sans Russia.

The Allied Powers today

From Talk:Treaty of Copenhagen

BK: Is there still an Allied Commission of some kind to help enforce the terms of this treaty? *Here* the commission existed until 1991, although that was only because of the division of Germany.
SP: I always assumed that the Allied Commission still existed, just greatly reduced. It's probably mostly a dead-end post for bureaucrats from the Allied nations: there to make sure the treaty is enforced, but very little actual work until an election comes up or a question is raised by any party.
BK: Probably very few full time staff, although I can imagine there being an office somewhere. Maybe inside one of the Scandinavian-German condominium areas? The city of Oldenburg, maybe?
SP: That would be pretty cool, help flesh out the city more. Perhaps because of the commission, the city is a sort of world microcosm (or at least a European one)? I also believe that the staff would be very small now, though it no doubt was quite a busy place after the war!