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It has been said that the fiercest battles in Xliponia have not been fought on the field, but on paper.

Indeed, Xliponian journalism reflects the national passion for expressing one's opinion with the utmost freedom, a consequence of the stubborn independence the nation has been able to maintain throughout the centuries - not always without help from powerful allies.

The main protagonists in the journalistic struggle are:

H logo.png
Hibi├žait - The City
the daily most closely identified with the Liberal party

B logo.png
Beqil a Bovlai - Bovlai Banner
a newspaper espousing the Loyalist viewpoint

Both were founded in the early 1800s, at the time of Queen Matilda, the first monarch of the currently ruling House of Bailbiret, and have been at it since then, for about two hundred years, with the vigour of lions - nay, of griffins!

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