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At one point Jan I suggested that we link our POD's back to the Central Brithenig divergence. I'd like to have a discussion here about how we can do that.

Not all can, of course. But, yeah, hopefully we can reduce the number of primary POD's. - Nik 10:31, 14 Mar 2005 (PST)

Most can for Louisianne, apart the happenstance of La Salle Landing at the mouth of the Mississippi and the subsequent changes along that line...but then, most of it could be attributed to a different France because of a fractured Britain. BoArthur

In light of simply reading through the POD's listed, I think that IB is actually (predominantly) a Roman Empire divergent Universe because the major PODs seem to come because of the Romans, or in relation to them, vis Brithenig, Wenedyk, Slevan, Jervaine, Judayca, the Vissi of the Azores. Food for thought. BoArthur

Minor differences

I'm moving this here from Minor differences, which has no content but the following and will be deleted hereafter. --IJzeren Jan 03:33, 27 October 2005 (PDT)

Various minor differences that don't fit on other pages:

  • The Prime Meridian in Ill Bethisad goes through Paris rather than Greenwich.
  • Scots of Egypt - an ethnic group in Egypt, descended from Irish monks, speaking an Irish creole written in Coptic.
  • The Mormons are in *here's* Denver instead of SLC. The Re-organized CJCLDS (Community of Christ) doesn't exist there, as Emma and her sons remained in the church in Louisianne.


Also note the POD OF 119: Hadrian recolonizes the Cyrenaica after the devastation of 117.Theophilus88

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