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Yes, Andrew, disguised Llawrent could had given interviews to kemrese newspapers or even from other countries. That could had given him more international notoriety. I thought firstly about Llawrent giving interviews just to french newspapers as kemrese journalists could recognize him (don't forget the high Llawrent's popularity in Kemr).

On the other hand Llawrent by the time of the Qawi Scheme was more fat, without half left leg and surely dressed always as an arab. Probably this could be enough to make more difficult his recognition in Kemr. Also probably at that time newspapers didn't have photos like nowadays so therefore even being a national hero most of the people might not know his face during the 1930's.--Pedromoderno 17:31, 6 May 2007 (PDT)

Ah, I didn't read the article in context, and it made better sense as it was. I will revert it back. At least it has made me think a little more about historical details in Kemr.  :) Assumably the Kemrese would have translated the articles into their own language and followed his exploits with interest. - AndrewSmith 21:56, 6 May 2007 (PDT).
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