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So, he never came to Kemr or Ireland? Shame... Elemtilas

No, but Johann Christian Bach did. And J.S. Bach's youngest son, P.D.Q. Bach, even made it to what would later become the NAL! IJzeren Jan 00:26, 11 May 2005 (PDT)
He did!? Must have missed that chapter. Of course, so much of the latter's life is a haze... Well, he can only have lowered the bar of American music by a small increment, then...and consequently raised the bar of European music by a similar increment in one fell stroke! Elemtilas

PDQ Bach?! {This query from me, who added Kremer to the IB Wiki} Kyrmse 05:19, 25 May 2005 (PDT)

Yeah, the last and certainly least of the great JS's multitudinous children. While I'm surprised so few people have heard of him or his music, he probably just got lost in the shuffle. And what's more, they're probably better off for not having to suffer through his Eine Kleine Nichtmusik or choral works like Oedipus Tex. Mind you, I ám partial to the Toot Suite and his grand oratorio, The Seasonings. Some of his short keyboard works are also pretty good and clever. I even wrote a few "Contraptions" based on PDQ's example. Mind you, the clavichord's short length isn't suitable to such a range eating piece.Elemtilas
"Contraptions"? You wouldn't have those anywhere online, would you? Anyway, I'm pretty partial to most of PDQ's work myself as well. --IJzeren Jan 23:27, 25 May 2005 (PDT)
No, not online. But they're simple enough to construct that positively ányone can enjoy the, mm, joys of PDQ's musical, er, genius. I can find three, one in C#, one in D and one in A. Apparently, I was going for the matched set. I could try scanning one and emailing to you, or barring that, posting them (would need address). I should also work at finishing the set, but can't decide if that counts as "coals to Newcastle" or "Tartarus's stone".
Since you were concerned about linking to commercial sites (which I would also not advocate linking to), I'll list the Wikipedia Article on PDQ Bach and further add that both Peter Schickele (the composer) and Theodore Presser (the music publishing house) have websites which can easily be found via search engine. One can also check out Schickele's "The Definitive Biography of PDQ Bach" (Random House, 1976). Elemtilas
Have decided it's "Coals to Newcastle", and wrote three more today (Am, Eb and I think Dm?). Also, in keeping with PDQ's propensity for the, shall we say, recycling of melodic motives, I have appropriated a couple of today's (one being the Funeral Dirge for Richard Whittington). Elemtilas
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