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Space Voyage 2245's seventh season, with teasers:


  1. Jus Ad Bellum : Vanguard at last returns to Earth two years having passed since she last saw home-port. As Vanguard pulls closer to Sol, clearing the Heliopause, the crew discovers a great battle underway, for it seems that humanity has fractured into three rival factions, and none will negotiate. Vanguard is hailed and ordered to serve each of the three polities or face death for treason. ...
  2. Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes: Captain Spitzer, as Ashrabajanii High Chieftess has ordered the Ashrabajanii to police the Solar System, keeping the peace while she and Vanguard work to restore law and order. Yet even as she and the crew work to restore the Grand Condominium, they aren't sure whether the greatest threat comes from the Ashrabajanii or the factions of Earth!
  3. Raise Them Up in the Right Way: The peace accord is signed among the Solar System factions, but as Captain Spitzer digs deeper she sees that the seeds of discontent have been laid by agents provocateur of the Kulofi Confederacy. The crew struggle to help restore the farming capacity of human colonies on Mars, Venus, and the worldlets of the system to bring some self-sufficiency to the Solar System -- because civilization has indeed crashed to its knees.
  4. Reaching Outward: Vanguard's crew has spent months restoring the seat of human culture in the Solar System and now venture outward to their first stop, Alpha Centauri and the human colonies orbiting within the cometary cloud and within closer range. Violence erupts as initial approach is made to the cometary colonies, and when the SUM Chevalier appears on the side of Cometary Centauri, the crew can only fear for the worst, for no ship-of-the-line has fought another.
  5. Unwelcome Guests: The R'Zikk appear in the midst of critical negotiations between the Centauri factions and Vanguard's crew, abducting Captain Spitzer aboard their vessel. While the crew of the Vanguard work to hammer out the details of the peace and trade agreement, Captain Spitzer is told again of the crumbling of all civilization in the galaxy if she and the crew do not handle events carefully. In an abnormal gesture, the R'Zikk give the Captain a life-pod containing one of the brightest of human history, saying he will be helpful at the right time, but that Captain Spitzer must decide when.
  6. Coup: After restoring some semblance of peace in the near galactic region of Earth, Vanguard ventures further, and encounters the forces of the Terran Empire, with its capital orbiting Cygni 61. It seems the commander of the Starmarines has decided to carve his own fief from the remainder of the Grand Condominium.
  7. An Uneasy Peace: The Vanguard and Chevalier orbit Tresht in an attempt to restore their membership in the Space Condominium. After hours of negotiations, the Yrgoans refuse their membership in the Condominium, but promise to sell goods to the Condominium and to resupply Outpost Space Seed, until such time as a more lasting peace is restored. Discouraged, the Chevalier and Vanguard leave Tresht and seek to restore the other realms of the Space Condominium before the Starmarines can capture any more worlds.
  8. Outside Help: As Vanguard and the Chevalier voyage toward Scandia, they discover the SUM Fleur-de-Lys and SUM Oriflamme who had been voyaging Earthward. It seems that the Scandia and Belle Terre have remained true to the Space Condominium and offer their help - but first order of business is to free the SUM Napoleon and SUM Hirohito from the control of rebels aboard the space colony Venturing Voyager in the Van Maanen’s star system. They find help from the colonists of Edewijk, the primary station of the system.
  9. SNORing:: The SUM Chevalier has returned to its patrols around Alpha Centauri, reinforcing the idea of the Space Condominium at Winkin, Blinkin and Nod in Groombridge 34 and Thule and Kawareostrovsk in the Ross 248 systems. It seems that the bizarre form of the Council of National Renewal of Russia (СНОР / SNOR) has taken root, and in a neo-fascist state, the science stations have succeeded in rebuffing the depredations of the Terran Empire - for now.

    The Vanguard and Hirohito delay their mission to Delta Pavonis to resupply these stations. Forced to recharge at Stromboli (Lalande 46650), they discover the long-lost Vanguard-class SUM Moskva, running under her own power, altered dramatically from her initial form and crewed by people claiming to be descended from the initial crew, and sent back from the far-distant future. (They are able to give the Space Condominium forces several pieces of advanced technology, and can serve for a time as they restore peace.)
  10. Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts: Neathenia offers to conduct a peace summit between the Space Condominium, Dalmatian and Scandinavian Realm colonies. All are eager to find a term of lasting peace in face of the Terran Empire, and eagerly accept the proposal.

    As the first vessel from Scandia arrives at the outskirts of Neathenia, it is quickly destroyed in a blaze of light. It seems that the Neathenians have struck a bargain with the devil, a remaining Assassin ship that promises to destroy the restructuring Starmada, and finish their task of cleansing the galaxy.
  11. The Six Arms of Kharma: After Neathenia is destroyed by the re-modulated Clôture Device to prevent the destruction of unsuspecting human space, Spitzer and the crew brace for the worst, knowing that such an act will not go unnoticed by the Space Condominium. Surrounded by militia vessels from the rest of allied space, Vanguard stands with the S.U.M. Moskva in defense of her acts, and faces the possibility of living life as a pariah, should their attempts to prove the validity of their act against Neathenia fail.
  12. The Invoice of Mephisto: The R'Zikk appear again, warning of doom. After their mysterious visit, Captain Spitzer dreams of the horrors that face the remnants of humanity, should they fail. After some many hours of struggle, she counsels with Mistelsbog, and it is decided that the time is right - they must revive the human given them by the R'Zikk. After some hours of preparation, the pod is at last opened, and there, in cryo-sleep lays none other than Radu Normandie. It seems that Captain Spitzer and her crew must do the unthinkable, pardoning the one man that may yet find a way to restore the peace and prosperity of the Space Condominium, or may destroy freedom forever.
  13. Coronation Starlanes: Returning to Earth where Radu Normandie will be ensconced as the elected-for-life Constitutional Emperor of the Space Condominium, Vanguard must repel an attack by Emperor Dmitri Dostoyevich and his sycophant, Shiramboz, all the while assuring that Radu Normandie is crowned Condominium Emperor Jean-Georges Radieux Geurrier de Normandy Bourbon-Le Moyne I.
  14. Hannibal: The threat from the Terran Empire has grown, and the Starmarines have begun arming simple merchanter vessels, removing their crews and replacing them with military, filling the tanks with high explosives and sending them against civilian targets. Nod is the first colony to suffer from one such attack, barely escaping annihilation, but rendered uninhabitable short of major rework. But it seems that Emperor Dostoyevich is not well versed in history – and is doomed to follow in the failed footsteps of Hannibal.
  15. Myriad Foes Arrayed: With Emperor Dostoyevich’s forces in retreat, Vanguard and the Space Condominium face only a short-term respite. The Kulofi Federation has risen again, spreading mischief, preying on the starlanes, and with them, a renewed foe, the Carbosilicoid Amorphs. In their first encounter, the Kulofi seem to be equal partners with the Amorphs, but in short order it is apparent that the Amorphs are unequal partners and looking for more freedom.
  16. The Enemy of my Enemy is – my Enemy: The Albigensi, traders and salvagers of the galaxy announce via envoy to the Vanguard that a great number of Starmada vessels that have been decommissioned have ended up in their hands. For the right price, the Albigensi will deliver them to the Space Condominium instead of the Terran Empire, with whom they have a minor brush-war going. As Vanguard begins to prep for transit the sub-ethers begin to shift erratically, and suddenly before them is Outpost Space Seed, some 250 light years from where they’d last seen it.
  17. Revenge and Reparations: After securing the decommissioned vessels and refurbishing them using the immense mechanical capacity of Outpost Space Seed, Vanguard and the newly burgeoning Starmada stand ready to defeat the Terran Empire, only to find their way barred by a coalition of the Zeniak, Zmorites, Calgon and Monfareen. Into this impasse come the Safloans and Queliquot, the former a wildcard and the latter an ally – lead by Quil (Mors) Vasasdotter.
  18. Siblings in Arms: The Queliquot, Zeniak and Zmorites have all united with the Starmada and descend upon the Terran Empire's stronghold at Dvaveneda. As the battle looks to turn to a rout, Emperor Dostoyevich pulls his trump card - the long fabled Imperator, grand-dame of the Starmarine Fleet. When the computers of each of the Starmada ships begins behaving erratically, it becomes clear that the Imperator has all her fabled powers, and more...
  19. Machiavelli: While the crew of Outpost Space Seed begin working covert missions to campaign for the human star stations to unite against the Kulofi Federation and the dregs of the Terran Empire, the Vanguard and the newly recovered S.U.M. Dauntless probe further afield, past Cunaxiri seeking to restore contact with the Sagittarians who have not been seen for some time. Upon arriving at the planet, the Sagittarians and Ulgween are found to be in the throes of civil war, and only by a show of force and the Vanguard and Dauntless restore order - but do they dare?
  20. The Quenching Waters: The Aquean homeworld is sabotaged by the Kulofi Federation, a self-replicating nanocelle sequentially binding all water with all lose carbon, turning the oceans to goo. Without a miracle, the Aquean homeworld will be destroyed, and one of the strongest partnerships of the Space Condominium hangs in the balance. While the Vanguard searches for a hidden Kulofi vessel and time grows slim for the planet, Engineer Martyn Burton struggles to save the planet. To his rescue appears another vessel, a Goracii construction containing none other than Professor Gideon, long separated from the Mariner crew. With the Professor’s help, they save the planet, and Vanguard successfully captures and incapacitates the Kulofi – who are tried for their crimes against the galaxy and sentenced to Embargo
  21. All that was lost, restored, (Part One): The Amorphs have rejected their partnership with the Kulofi, and a quarantine of Kulofi space remains strong. The Monfareen, Calgon, Zeniak and Zmorites have returned to their respective territories, at peace through the mediation of the Queliquot and belligerence of the Safloans. Into the seeming peace come the R’Zikk, with one of their most deranged propositions. If the Vanguard and crew can take one of the R’Zikk through a temporal displacement, arriving in the past, the R’Zikk will share the means of restoring Aquico Yamamoto to life. The crew need only follow the instructions of the R’Zikk to create the device to achieve the displacement…
  22. All that was lost, restored, (Part Two):The crew arrive in the ancient past, at the very moment that the Earth begins to coalesce from the stellar nebula. At that same moment, the Vanguard is knocked powerless by the brazen solar wind from the newly revealed Sol. As the crew struggle to keep the ship from sinking into the plane of the ecliptic, they see something much, much worse. A flotilla of large, and obviously maleficent ships have chased a much larger ship – nearly twice the size of Outpost Space Seed into the solar system, and they mean obviously to destroy it.
  23. All that was lost, restored, (Part Three): Vanguard, remaining silent, has managed to make a quick scan of the attackers. While the planet-ship has been besieged, the crew have managed to activate the ships of the flight deck, and armed them to be able to exploit a series of weaknesses in the attacker’s ships. The battle is fierce, and it appears that the Vanguard and the alien will lose…
  24. All that was lost, restored, (Part Four – two hour series finale): The last instances of the battle rages, and Vanguard bravely flings her fighters, manned and otherwise at the attackers. The cost to the Vanguard crew is high, losing nearly half of their ships. Yet, they succeed in destroying the attacking ships. Two crash into the planet that is to become Venus, altering the spin, making it retrograde, and the other three are bombarded and crash to the surface of Uranus in a blazing nuclear explosion that will forever alter its spin, too, the debris of the ship settling in to likely become the rings of Uranus as the Vanguard knew them in its time. At the end of the battle, the world ship breaks its silence… (revealing that they are newly arrived in the Milky Way, a colony pod from the Andromeda Galaxy, sent to seed life, life that will eventually become the Human, Safloan, Yrgoan and all other races. Those attacking it were an ancient enemy of life, the Assassins – but this batch are dispatched, and the Assassins, eschewing the Crenixian Drive and related technologies are limited to the snail’s pace of subluminal travel – it will be millions and billions of years before word reaches the Assassin homeworld, in the distant MB1 galaxy, some 3 megaparsecs distant. These aliens, or rather, Ancestors as they prefer to be called, have arrived from a circuitous route, from the distant Canes I Group, through the M81 group, through Maffei, and to the local group, where they met the Assassins and the war began, some tens of millions of years ago. Had not the Vanguard succeeded in destroying these Assassins, the war would have ended with a loss for the Ancestors, the tide of war turning against them. As it stands, the Vanguard’s recent defeat of the last invasion force has merely bought the Milky Way some time – some five billion years at most, and 50 million at least. The R’Zikk who has accompanied the Vanguard reveals it is a direct line descendent race of the Ancestors declares that it has come home, and leaves the ship. In a blaze of light, Vanguard is propelled back to her own time, and waiting in a stasis pod drifting in near space is Aquico Yamamoto, without a memory of her death. It closes with her asking, "Captain? What did I miss?", to which Spitzer replies, "Adventure. Let's make up for it.")
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