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The actors of Space Voyage actually held out on renewing their contracts for a larger pay per episode, which was finally granted in April of 2008. Filming thus began in mid-April and the first episodes began being released the first part of June, 2008. This season saw Space Voyage 2245 moved to a Monday night time-slot, partially because of it being released during the summer seasons.

Space Voyage 2245's sixth season, with teasers:


  1. The Center of Hell: Captain Spitzer and the crew awake, encased in a thin veneer of ice, but quickly enough discover that while the Assassin Empress ship has disappeared, the Vanguard sits at the heart of a condensing cloud of ice, which threatens to crush them, and a threatening voice hisses over the loudspeakers, saying "Abandon all hope, you are in hell..."
  2. The Ninth Circle: Having narrowly escaped the compacting ice at the core, the Vanguard fights outward against great pressure, only to realize that they have fallen into the core of the gas giant planet, and that the Vanguard is miraculously holding together. Just as they reach the outer edges of the ice region, a distress call is heard, a group of ships belonging to a race that call themselves the Liyodiin, who will perish without the intervention of the crew. ...
  3. The Eighth Circle: As the crew struggles outward, the Liyodiin vessels straining to aid the Vanguard and themselves out of the perilous core, the engines of the Vanguard can take no more. It appears that the Vanguard can only maintain its altitude, when suddenly all downward pressure ceases, and the Vanguard finds itself orbiting a small planetoid, with a culture of Human-Yrgoan hybrids who worship the Assassins and view the Vanguard as the devil itself, rising from the deep, who it is their divine calling to stop. ...
  4. Malebolge: The crew begin to fight free of the Human-Yrgoan hybrids, the Shasatt, but must make their way outward using the Malebolge, which contain all manner of horrors, for in some, time goes backward, and in others, visions abound, showing the myriad futures before every choice. The last is darkest of all, for it forces to the mind of the crew the visions of their deaths, and the only way to survive is to indeed die the death presented...
  5. The Seventh Circle: Centurions: The crew escape the reach of the Shasatt only to find themselves captured in the space web of the Tiritheans, a race which thrives on bloodsport, and the only way to save themselves, the Crew must do battle with the Liyodiin, and survive ...
  6. The Seventh Circle: Fiery Desert: Escaping the Tiritheans, the crew, with the Liyodiin, find themselves in a burning hot level of the gas giant, reflecting the radiation from above, stripping the inner reaches of the giant of heat and warmth. Mistelsbog realizes that this layer is protective, for it keeps the gas giant from igniting into a star, but any sufficient mixture between it and the lower reaches will be enough for the reaction to start. He launches a probe as a firestorm begins sweeping across the reach, and Vanguard must fight for survival, yet again ...
  7. The Sixth Circle: Vanguard survives in the inferno of the fiery stratum, which the crew insist on calling Hell, but only with use of the shielding. As they move outward from the core, they find that the shielding retains some of the incendiary gases that would bring destruction to outer reaches, and risk igniting fusion in the planet, thus they cannot proceed, yet the temperature mounts. Can Dr. Ssaqueanyal and Dr. Lundgren find the crew a way out of this fiery tomb?
  8. The Fifth Circle: The City of Dis: After the miraculous escape from their fiery tomb, the Vanguard struggles up through the next density level, only to find a balloon city, floating in the clouds. As they stop for a moment to investigate, the crew are beset with poltergeists of those friends who had fallen from grace, culminating in Gorin Oskarsen, who has an axe to grind with the Vanguard crew ...
  9. The Fifth Circle: The Swampy Styx: Vanguard struggles upward, but becomes stuck in a high density layer that seems to suck away the power of the ship itself. The crystallic rubidium plasma generators begin to fail, and with them any hope of saving the ship, unless they can break free of what they call the Styx.
  10. The Fourth Circle: The Vanguard finds a floating balloon city where the citizens are selling their limbs, children, spouses, and even what they deem to be their souls to appeal the Gods that appeared from the darkness and saved their city as it was about to plunge to the depths. When the crew find that these gods are Qromaxi Traders who are exploiting the people, they know what must be done, but how?
  11. The Third Circle: Captured by the Zhimoni Kras, a porcine people, the crew are fed a luxurious banquet, only to find out this is the first course, and that they must eat everything, for they are being fattened up for the great feast of the Zhimoni Kras ...
  12. The Second Circle: Nearing the upper reaches of the atmosphere, the Vanguard is buffeted by high winds, and they find themselves being sucked into a huge hurricane, threatening to throw them to the heart of the gas-giant again. At this most critical time the crew can hardly refrain from an overpowering urge toward sex, as if something in the storm is pushing them to replicate before their imminent death.
  13. The First Circle:In the upper reaches of the gas giant, the Vanguard crew set about repairing their ship and gathering much needed hydrogen and other gases to fuel them and their ships systems on the way back home, wherever that may be. While Mistelsbog tries to triangulate their position in the galaxy, he discovers something erratic amidst the moons of the gas-giant. As he begins a deeper search, a sense of doom settles on the crew.
  14. Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate: The sensor glitch that has proven to be the Assassin Empress vessel has revealed itself. Vanguard takes refuge in the magnetic fields, only to be scared out by Assassin Fighters. As they flee the Empress ship, Mistelsbog comes up with a bold plan--diving into the atmosphere of the gas giant, once again.
  15. Fiat Lux: With the Empress ship launching one barrage after another into the heart of the gas giant, Vanguard is forced to consider the unthinkable; alliance with the inhabitants they had only just escaped...
  16. The Ragged Fur of Lucifer: Mistelsbog's creation of a star from the gas giant has destroyed the Empress vessel of the Assassins, but in its wake is left an enormous wormhole that sucks the newly formed star away, and Vanguard looks to be next, for the explosion of the star's birth and the Empress vessel have left them paralyzed... (followed by Mariner Episode Zarathustra)
  17. The Center of the Universe: Vanguard succumbs to the pull of the wormhole, and begins the descent, not knowing where they will end up. The walls begin to close in the wormhole, and it appears that this truly is Vanguard's final voyage...(followed by Mariner Episode I will put a hole in heaven itself!)
  18. Hauntings: (preceded by Mariner Episode Repairs)Captain Spitzer is nearly killed, saved only by the intervention of Joaquin Klausfelder. The only way to save Lt. Rouge and be rid of Oskarsen's ghost forever is to find a willing victim, someone who would willingly take him into themselves. Mistelsbog offers himself, only to be subverted by a Chinese Nerve Grip from Xu Ai Nu. Ainu takes Oskarsen into himself and releases himself into deep space, where he can get safely away from Vanguard with Oskarsen, at the cost of his own life.
  19. Thieves of Ashraba Jan, Pt. 1: Vanguard sits in dry-dock, awaiting a bozon sweep to remove any contaminants prior to refitting. But suddenly, one by one, the crew start disappearing, and the Captain and doctors must stop it, before they, too, are gone...
  20. Thieves of Ashraba Jan, Pt. 2: The crew awakens in the cargo hold of a huge vessel, each contained in a blueish chamber, likely an animation chamber. It seems they are to be taken and sold into slavery, in Ashraba Jan. Captain Spitzer makes a bold move, negotiating with the Ashrabajanii for her freedom, and the crew...
  21. Thieves of Ashraba Jan, Pt. 3: Captain Spitzer successfully fights a duel and wins the rights of her crew, but is impressed by the Ashrabajanii as their new leader. Her first act as Captain, they insist, is to find another cargo of slaves. With her crew held as hostages, Captain Spitzer faces the dilemma of her life ... and theirs.

Special Mini-series 2 hour event

Diaspora: A distress call is heard in the distance as the Vanguard draws nearer to the Antilles Cluster, with a delivery of supplies for the new colony of Redoubt. As they track the signal, they are intercepted by the R'Zikk, who lay claim to the distress signal. Captain Spitzer soon discovers that the signal is that of a Qromaxi vessel, and its crew are none other than Tophora Stylm XI, Sarukai, Shyanna and Vulia, with hardly enough air to survive for much longer.
The R'Zikk prove intractable in her negotiations to secure the safety of these four, but at last the R'Zikk relent, releasing Sarukai, Shyanna and Vulia before disappearing into hyperspace with Tophora Stylm XI. Mariner is lost, the three survivors state, there being no way it could've survived the last battle they witnessed. When Captain Spitzer offers to return them to the Condominium, they all decline, stating that they wish to remain near the Antilles Cluster, where they can search for Mariner or the other mysteries. As the negotiations began their conclusion, Vanguard long-scan discovers an ancient, derelict space station, the answer to the problem presented by setting the three survivors free.
Captain Spitzer puts it to the crew--those that would wish to stay aboard Vanguard, and those that would wish to help, at least for the time being, these three brave souls. Eventually the decisions are made, and Pilot First-Class Marie Bouc, Chief Engineer James "Jimmy" Dohan and Dr. Birko Lundgren all volunteer, as do a number of junior crew. Spitzer grants them leave and returns to space, after christening the Space Station, Outpost Space Seed.

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