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Samogitian Governorate (Lithuanian: Žemaitijos gubernija) was one of the governorates of the Lithuanian State, a Russian puppet-state that existed in some of the territories of modern Lithuania in the years 1947-1949. The Samogitian Governorate existed in the same years. The governorate was established in the areas where the Samogitian dialect was spoken and the areas that possesed Samogitian rural culture. Therefore it incorporated only a part of historical Samogitia. The west of historical Samogitia became a part of the newly established Skuodian State, while the east and south were incorporated into Aukštaitian Governorate and Zanavyk Governorate instead.

The capital of the Samogitian Governorate was Šiauliai, but there were plans to move it to some city where a larger part of population would be Samogitian-speakers.

After the Treaty of Visby, the territory of the Samogitian Governorate was integrated into the Lithuanian province of Samogitia.

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