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Zanavyk Governorate (Lithuanian: Zanavykijos gubernija) was one of the governorates of the Lithuanian State (a Russian puppet state of late Second Great War). It existed in years 1947-1949.

The Zanavyk Governorate was created on a basis of Lithuanian ethnographic region of Transnemun. However, based on cultural and dialect similarities, and as well in order to make this governorate more comparable in size with larger governorates, some areas on the right bank of river Nemunas were included as well, including the city of Kaunas, which was the capital of the governorate. As the name "Užnemunė" ("Transnemun") that was typically assigned to this area generally implied that the area is at the other bank of Nemunas (compared to capital Vilnius), a new word "Zanavykija" was crafted, based on the name of Zanavyk dialect.

After the Treaty of Visby northwestern part of the governorate became a part of Samogitia, the central part became a part of Vilnija and the southern part became a part of Palenkė.

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