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Rokkenfelder is the name of one of the most famous (and wealthy) families within the North American League. Initially of German descent, the family is now firmly viewed in the public mind as American. Some members have gone on to have extremely prominent careers in different fields.

Prominent members of the family include:

  • Johann and Wilhelm Rokkenfelder who founded Omnium Oil and Gas, becoming among the wealthiest men in history during the XIXth century. Their children maintained close ties to various Native Tribes, intermarrying with them at times.
  • Johann Rokkenfelder II founded the Rokkenfelder Foundation, which is a premier philanthropic organization still firmly in control of the family. The Rokkenfelder Center in New Amsterdam was one result of the Foundation's efforts (in this case at urban renewel).
  • Gabriel "Little Raven" Rokkenfelder (1938-?) was Nelson's son and disappeared mysteriously in 1967 in the Samonios Islands, about which numerous conspiracy theories have developed.
  • Johann "Little Dove" Rokkenfelder IV (born 1939) is the current Progressive Conservative Senator from Aquanishuonigy. He is unusual in that most members of his family are staunch members of the Whig Party. He is known almost universally as "Jo."
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