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Patricia O'Kinneide (1924-present)is one of five children of Joseph F. O'Kinneide Sr. Upon her mother's early death in 1943, she increasingly acted as hostess and partner to her father until his retirement in 1960. She in many ways behaved as the grande dame of O'Kinneides, quietly serving as a sounding board and mediator among her siblings and their children.

According to several reports, to which she and other O'Kinneide family members have refused to comment, she became engaged in 1947 to a young officer in the Solemn League Navy. These same reports indicate the engagement caused a serious rift with her father, who disapproved (although the reason why is not clear). When the young man was killed in action in 1948 the issue was rendered moot. Although widely circulated, the story has never been confirmed, and the identity of the supposed SLN officer is not known.

Certainly Patricia O'Kinneide has never married. Independently wealthy, she continues to be an extremely well known Philadelphia hostess.

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