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Over the course of the years that Kemr and Ill Bethisad have been a popular group conculturing project, it is or ought to be no surprise that some jargon develops within a group of people. The following is a (very) short list of some of the commoner terms a person might see when reading an IB related post in Conculture or Conlang; plus a few lesser known items.

*HERE* and *THERE* -- respectively denote the Primary World where our "real world events" happen in and any Secondary World which we create. Note that this is a common way to differentiate the primary world from any constructed world, and is not specific in usage to IBers.
*NOW* and *THEN* -- rarely used as tags to differentiate between different temporal realities between universes. Same caveat.
IB and Ill Bethisad -- Brithenig word meaning "universe" (lit., "the baptised"); we take it as a moniker for our creative endeavour as a whole; also affectionately known as "Andrew's Sandbox"
Brithenig Project -- an early designation for the project we now call Ill Bethisad
Brithenig Universe -- an early designation for the project we now call Ill Bethisad
Lla Societad d'ill Bethisad -- our "Merrie Company" of conculturists and conlinguisticians who work on Ill Bethisad; the ones in long robes and tricorn caps, sitting in a dark corner of the pub whispering in strange tongues about places that never were and times that can't even be
Power that Be -- the unelected, traditional "leaders" and "directors" of IB; since the beginning up until about 2000 or so, this consisted solely of Andrew -- we could suggest things, but ultimate power of decision was his alone; since 2001 the Powers that Be have been John Cowan and Padraic Brown. Jan van Steenbergen was Elevated in late 2004. He has done a bang-up job of it thus far.
Lord of Instrumentality -- any owner of one of the various discussion lists (Conlang, Conculture) where matters bethisadian are discussed. This office has largely been occupied by John Cowan; he had Strange Powers which were never spoken of, only hinted at... The post was transferred to Jan van Steenbergen and Daniel Hicken before John Cowan's retirement.
Good Thing and Bad Thing -- see 1066 And All That; an emphatic form indicating that the thing in question is either really quite excellent or really quite rotten; if things really get bad, there is also the rarely used Very Bad Thing.
QSS and OGG -- q.v.; a principal of how IB works: what has been established as fact is unalterable without Really Good Reason and lots of Intense Discussion
Fiat of Rhiemeier -- "There are no Elves in Kemr, and Nur-ellen isn't spoken *there*. Nor is there a city named Tafrobl there. It never existed. It was all a mirage. Rethinking it, I came to the conclusion that it is a bag on the side as awful as _Highlander II_." There was much unpleasantness...
Tertuil lla Societad -- the annual semianual dinner held quarterly by Members, traditionally catered by dreaded Helvetian chefs; alas we have never actually held a proper Tertuil...Someday that will have to change.
Magister Emeritus -- Andrew Smith is still held in high regard as creator of this wonderful place that allowed so many people a good creative outlet; some of us fondly called him "Master Smith". He is now proprietor of the renewed Sessiwn, Sescam at Yahoo Groups.
Andrew Ffereir (aka Andrew Smith) -- in the Dream Time, we gave ourselves names in Brithenig (these monikers are reflected in the List).
Dream Time -- the Beginning; the time when it was just Andrew and a couple of lads interested in the Brithenig language and the immediate environs of Kemr proper; IB (though this term had not yet been coined) took a turn down a new path when Geoff, Dan and Christophe entered the scene and widened the scope of our vision
ILUM(INATUS) -- a Power that Be
Gatekeeper -- a Power that Be
Secret Archive -- if tha has access to this document, you don't need to be told the definition!
The Wiki -- this wonderful Thing that serves as both discussion forum, archive and public presentation piece for our hard work. Muke Tever is MUCH to be thanked for offering us this Wiki!

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