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Sometimes someone will ask about all the strange names that appear in the List or in discussion on Conlang or Conculture. Of course, we are refering to the Old Timers, those where interested in Brithenig in the early days -- the Dream Time -- when discussion took part on an informal email list. This was really before there even was an Ill Bethisad to speak of.

QUESTION: Who are John Schilke and Pete Skye? I've seen their names in the Sessiwn Kemres archives, but I know absolutely nothing about them. Were they conlangers too?

ANSWER: John Schilke was mostly an interested bystander. He owns a copy of the first Kerno grammar. He is an MD, pediatrics, living in Oregon.

Pete Skye is indeed a conlanger and he did come up with a Kemrese scion somewhere in IB's South America, Kemr New. It's NOT the Kemr New we have in Australasia - it is in the Rio de la Plata region of South America (in *here*'s Argentina). Perhaps the idea was based on *here*'s Gauchos. Peter is a Latter Day Druid on a true spiritual quest and seems to be interested in Buddhism. He used to live a few blocks from John Cowan in NYC, but has since moved to Kentucky. John Cowan himself was one of our greatest Oldtimers. He devised the NAL-SLC, including its famous "saving clause" and offered sound opinions on many aspects of the project in the early days; it is not well known perhaps that he devised a Piatland country and conlang of his own.

Other names that appeared on the old Sessiwn: Douglas Mosier and Martin Bertagnon. Neither seem to have been more than curious bystanders, and neither ever seem to have contributed to any discussion. I can not even find an introduction message regarding their presence on the CC line. Perhaps they were just wandering Time Lords curious about a nascent subdomain of this universe?

Dave Joll is one Andrew's friends, down in his native Antipodia. He is interested in stamps and currency, and helped us with some early questions of matters philatelic.

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