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Flag of the club

Olimpija Ljubljana is a Slovenian football club. It was founded in Ljubljana in 1911 and competed in the championship of the Austrian Empire until its collapse; subsequently, it participated in the championships of the Danubian Confederation and CSDS.

During the 1998-1999 season of the CSDS Championships, political changes (the outright annexation of Slovenia by Croatia, putting an official end to the existence of the CSDS) caused the club's players and staff to escape Slovenia, seeking asylum in Dalmatia, where there is a significant Slovene minority in the northern border regions. The club was then re-established for the 2000-2001 season in the city of Metlika, which has a large Slovene population (53%). It now competes in the Dalmatian championship under the name of "Olimpija Ljubljana (Metlika)". This name has caused some controversy, as the Croatian football association established a "replacement" Olimpija club in Ljubljana, and the use of "Ljubljana" in the club's name also drew the ire of the Croatian government. The Dalmatian foreign affairs minister, when questioned about the official protest made by Croatia with regards to the name of the club, commented "the Croats really must not have anything better to do with their time, I guess."

Slovenes in Dalmatia and Croatia also recognise Olimpija as the de facto Slovenian national team, and the club has competed several times against sides from other non-independent and aspiring states, including several in a tour of the NAL, in which Olimpija played against provincial sides specially selected for the tour. The tour visited Alba Nuadh, Aquanishuonigy, Carolina, Castreleon New, Cherokee Nation, Jamaica, Mascoutensi, Mueva Sefarad, New Sweden, New Iceland, Nunavik and Ter Mair.

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