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edit IBAP -- 31.08.2005 (13 Fructidor, CCXIII) -- The National Government Responds

Paris-sur-Mizouri -- President Young and the Council watched as trainloads of National Militia, supplies from the coffers of the LDS church, and from the Catholic Diocese of Osage as well as materials moved down the tracks toward the ravaged Prefecture of Saint-Onge. Riding in `the Aigle', President Young granted an interview with IBAP.
Q: Why have you mobilized the Guard National, when before this time it has only served as a defencive entity?
A: Simply put, we are mobilizing it in defence. Defence of those in Nouvelle Orleans who cannot defend themselves. In defence of our neighbors and the riff-raff that menace them. With permission from the local government (aside our dear friend Geoff), we are organizing the refugees and guiding them back across our borders into the Loire-Neuf.   Read More...

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