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Mariner's third, with teasers:


  1. The Long Dark Night of Magnus: The Mariner hides from a huge space battle within a strange nebula whose radiation forces the entire crew--save Magnus--into suspended animation. He begins keeping a log, revealing in flashbacks how the ship stumbled across fleets of Itsho and Qromaxi duking it out.
  2. Beyond the Tempest: In the quiet heart of the nebula, Magnus wakes the crew to report his discovery--the long lost Ulysses, sister-ship of the Mariner. Seemingly abandoned, a survivor and his family turns out to be living within part of the damaged vessel. But this survivor actually is alone. His "family" are hallucinations that somehow the crew also perceive.
  3. Counting Down: With scavenged parts from the Ulysses, the ship prepares to use tachyon drive to escape the nebula before it mutates everyone on board. Tensions between crew and Mission Specialists emerge.
  4. Song of the Ancient: Mariner makes a stopover at an obscure, rather Xliponia-like colony where various races dwell and deal in artefacts. One of these is apparently a recording from the Eldren, so some of them try to purchase it in hopes of learning more.
  5. Fear and Feasibility: Before leaving the obscure colony, the crew of Mariner discover that the Ulysses had visited here and left behind some copies of Jane Austen's novels which have shaped a certain subculture's world-view. Along the way, Fiver and Stavros might have spent the night together. They were drunk and not sure...
  6. The Not-So-Great-Race: Turns out there's a contest going on between several swift little ships, and the Mariner becomes a "pit stop" in the arcane, overly complex rules of the race. The various competitors are an eclectic lot, including a cadre of gamblers as well as religious fanatic.
  7. Waiting For Yesterday: Magnus manages to un-encrypt the personal journal of a Ulysses crewmember, which reveals an unsolved mystery the crew becomes enthralled by--all the more so since it hints at some of the history of the Antilles Cluster.
  8. Convoy: The Mariner joins a fleet of civilian vessels trying to make their way past a region subject to Vot attacks. The mercenaries protecting the fleet seem odd. In fact, they are really in the pay of the Vot themselves!
  9. Haven Point: Visiting a medical station with cutting edge treatment available, Mariner's crew stumbles across a female one-of-a-kind android.
  10. No Rest for the Very Wicked: A team goes to investigate an isolated world, learning too late it is a unique prison, where the most violent and evil members of a long-gone species were rendered immortal.
  11. Wishes and Wanderings: Examination of a strange comet has a bizarre impact on Magnus, so that he seems to have gone mad and intent on taking over the ship.
  12. When in Doubt, Consult the Instructions: A strange probe crosses the path of Mariner in the depths of space, and Magnus is drawn to it; the crew indulge him, and they capture the probe, only to find in it Eldren technology, and worse, a transmitter that both disables and somehow traps Magnus. The efforts of the crew seem only to worsen Magnus' condition, but in the transmission, Magnus is learning ...
  13. Careful What You Wish For: The planet Drivis is a friendly enough place, with exotic geography that has attracted tourists from all over the cluster. It is also considered a safe haven while you are there. The Mariner gets some much-needed R&R, with Septa and Stavros spending time together, until they run across a band of illegal clone-makers...
  14. Rubies in the Sky: Professor Gideon, doing a bit of sight-seeing on Drivis, is blamed by fellow passengers when their shuttle goes down in an uncharted area. Legends of the Goracii make him look like some kind of monster in their eyes.
  15. Mirror, Mirror In My Eye: The illegal cloning machine seized by Septa allows Stavros to create a copy of Danning for the Ullah to live within. Unfortunately, the real Danning has gone mad and tries to commit suicide, taking everyone else with her.
  16. Whispers in the Archive: The Mariner comes across what appears to be a planet that is all one library. Empty. Record indicate over six hundred thousand people were there, then in the space of an hour two centuries ago they all vanished.
  17. Prayers and Possibilities: A series of bizarre attacks happen, then apparently un-happen to the entire crew. It turns out a team of Vot have come aboard, testing their telepathic abilities as weapons.
  18. Madness in Her Method: Shyanna begins to act very strangely, even for her, in the presence of a unique astrological event. An elaborate practical joke is followed by deliberately losing an escape pod followed by stealing a right shoe from all the male crew members, followed by an insistence on making a certain recipe of soup, etc.
  19. For Closure: The Qromaxi have arrived in force at an inhabited planet to collect a debt the founders of this colony incurred generations past. Now everything they have is up for seizure, until and unless they can pay it off. Klausfelder tries desperately to find a way to save them.
  20. Zarathustra A new star appears in the void, literally in front of Mariner's path, and the crew begins their investigation, only to find an Assassin ship's remains, and among them, a life-pod...
  21. I will put a hole in heaven itself! Magnus struggles to understand the technology of the Assassins to open the wormhole through which Vanguard is traveling. As the new star moves through the heavens, its gravity is drawing the wormhole shut, like a purse, and Vanguard looks to be trapped. He nears his goal repeatedly to be distracted and have his work ruined as the crew fight to subdue the Assassin who has revived from the life pod...
  22. Repairs: Magnus continues to evaluate the Assassin life pod and its technologies while the crew works to repair the heavily damaged Vanguard. In the depths of the dark holds the poltergeist of Gorin Oskarsen appears again, this time possessing the body of young Lt. Chemi Rouge. He immediately begins to seek out the command crew, and his intentions not surprisingly appear murderous. Continued in SV2245's "Hauntings"
  23. Upon The Field of Night Part One: A spy drone is found, just as Magnus and Septa and others uncover the largest Eldren artefact anyone has ever heard of--a moon-sized machine that seems to be a gate to instantly transport virtually anything anywhere. Yet it also seems clear the Eldren shut down the machine in a hurry amid what would seem like a civil war. Vulia claims this to have been the event that brought an end to the once-mighty Eldren civilization. Meanwhile, the R'zikk are selling information about the Mariner's discovery all over the Antilles Cluster...
  24. Upon The Field of Night Part Two: The Mariner crew learn fleets of different powers are headed their way to take the Eldren machine. Careful tactics manage to set them fighting one another, but that is only a delaying tactic while Magnus manages to get the defensive systems on the machine partially working. The season ends with a gigantic battle and the Mariner taking hit after hit.
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