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The Louisiannan Military is one of the few militaries of the world without a specific creation date. As with Louisianne the military came into existence more as a gradual outgrowth of the militias of the communities that make up the nation. The Military has grown over the years, becoming an Army, Air Force and minor Navy. The Navy serves mostly as a Coast Guard and a patrol of the nation’s waterways. The Navy has seen significant action with the peacekeeping operation of Saint-Domingo.

The Air Force and Army have been much more used as they are they primary defence of Louisianne. Because those who pursue careers in the military are compensated for their time, the military of Louisianne can be classified as a mercenary military. There remains, however, mandatory conscription of 2 years for every male.

All males from 25-40 are required to serve for 2 years in any of the three branches, with a continued two week obligation throughout the age of 55. This continued activity is what constitutes the Home Guard or ‘‘Défense Frontalière’’. Each month all “Réservistes” are required to meet with their local battalions to continue their training.

The Louisiannan Military has recently been beset by dramatic spending. Government officials have stated that this spending is not a military buildup, but rather, a modernization. Despite this statement world financial markets have shown the concern over this and the re-valuing of the Louisiannan currency from the ‘‘louisian’’ to the ‘‘écu’’.

Among the purchases have been the latest in proven air technology, the Spretu fighter from Dalmatia and Japanese "X-Type" Tanks.

Examples of Louisiannan Military Garb

The following are examples from the critically acclaimed ‘‘Pasquin’s Military Uniforms and Insignia’’ (Oxford Press, 2005).

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