James V of England and Scotland

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James V
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James V and IX (1865-1936) was the eldest son of Albert I. He became king upon his father's death in 1910. During his reign the First Great War was waged. His eldest son, Prince Victor Albert, Duke of Kent and Rothesay died before he did, so the crown went to Victor Albert's son, Edward. James had a second son, Henry, Duke of Doncaster and Inverness (1890-1947), with whom he was estranged.

King James was given to strong mood swings and believing above all in discipline. He went into a deep depression over the murder of his cousin, Tsar Nikolai II, and gradually became even sterner of manner than before. He began to lose control of his temper in the last few years of his life.

He did not have a good relationship with his grandson, whom he privately referred to as "useless." He suffered a stroke in 1936 and died of another stroke six months later.

Preceded by:
Albert I
King of England
Succeeded by:
Edward VI and II
King of Scotland
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