Henry IV of Castile and Leon

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Enrique, IV de Castilla i León
Title: 10th Monarch of Castile and Leon
 Term in office: 1454–1474
 Predecessor: King Juan II
 Successor: King Alfonso XII
 Date: ...
 Place: ...
 Date: 1474
 Place: ...
Profession: ...
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

Henry IV of Castile, nicknamed the Impotent (ruled 1454-1474), was not a strong king. During Henry's reign the nobles increased in power and the nation became less centralised. Due to his nickname, when he died a succession war broke out between his daughter(?) Joanna, who was supported by Portugal, his half sister Isabel, who had the support of Aragon via her husband Ferdinand, and the eventual winner, his half brother Alfonso, who had internal favour and later in the war got the support of France.

Preceded by:
Juan II
King of Castile and Leon
Succeeded by:
Alfonso XII
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