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Godfrey is a comic in All-Fair’s line of teen romance (minus the war aspect). Godfrey and Micah are golden-haired twins who compete for the affections of the red-haired little rich girl Katie. Katie, in turn, desires the unkempt A.A., Godfrey’s best friend, but A.A. is more interested in playing with his dog, Bear, and protecting his sister Linda from Godfrey and Micah. Linda is the 'smart' characters, and is infatuated with Micah (but not Godfrey, although Godfrey has been known to pose as Micah). Although the focus of Godfrey is the tribulation of teen romance, they also sing in a band, solve mysteries, and perform various other activities.

The success of Godfrey encouraged All-Fair to produce numerous magazines dedicated to Godfrey and his pals. Godfrey remained focused on teen romance, while Katie and the Kougars featured the musical adventures. The Bear Truth became the mystery magazine of the line.

The Bear Truth Theme Song

Bear, Bear, Bear,

Who goes there?


in the air!

The Gumshoe Bears

The Bear Truth became an animated show produced by Valdemar Ditzenø. Its spectacular success led to a spin-off featuring Bear and his pugilistic nephew Bearry called "The Gumshoe Bears". This, too, had a theme song which was impossible to get out of one's head. The supporting cast consisted of numerous variations of Bear and Bearry. These included Bearry's 'girlfriend' Straw Bearry, the singing sensation 'Jungle' Bearry, social worker Hartford Bearry of Bearry Concerns, and architect Necessity Bear.

Alliance for Public Decency Control

The Alliance for Public Decency has produced several comics feturing Godfrey and pals as their type of Christian.

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