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Valdemar Elias Ditzenø (1901-1966) is the man who introduced animated feature films to the world and is thus one of the most important men in the film industry. He also produced comics in cooperation with Egmont, and founded a number of Ditzenøland themeparks around the world. Ditzenø was the man behind some of the most popular animated feature films like Cinderella and Snowhite.

His career started in 1923 when he left Schleswig for Copenhagen to work for Nordisk Film. There, he was given the task of producing short animated films to show between films in its movie theatres. Nordisk Film was so impressed with the results that many more films were produced in the 1920s and 1930s. By 1937 Ditzenø and Nordisk Film produced, Snæhvite ("Snowhite"), the first of several animated feature films that would be made by Nordisk Film in the coming decades.

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