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FNLS party emblem 1948-1990

Front Nacunale pru Liberacune Slvanje: (FNLS). Slevanian political party. Started as a liberal nationalist movement for independence from Hungary in the 1880's. During the 1940's party leader Honorát Haljér turned the formerly liberal independence movement into a chauvinistic movement hardly different from the SNOR itself, celebrating the Roman (absolutely nòt Slavic or Hungarian) roots of the Slevanians. When the SNOR invaded in 1948 Haljér was only too willing to 'help', and got an 'independent' Slevania as a reward.

FNLS dictators/mareszaly (marchals)

  1. Honorát Haljér 1948-1959: tried to make Slevania a Grand Duchy but the Russians would have none of it, since a president (or marchal) would be easier to potentially depose than a Duke. With or without respect Haljér was generally known as Duc all the same. Assassinated by the PFLS in their first and most successful operation ever.
  2. Konstantin Kustúc 1959-1967: Continued Haljér's policy, but understood that his régime was not popular and was brutally repressive.
  3. Gregór Halinár 1967-1983: The surname means 'chicken-farmer', a fact not lost in the jokes of the period, and according to most amply visible in his régime.
  4. Avgust Halinár 1983-1987: Son of the former and so grossly incompetent that the FNLS military removed him with Russian help.
  5. Domíc Miljer 1987-1990: Russian-educated colonel in the Armed Forces. Mysteriously disappeared from the palace on the morn of the revolution.

Since 1990 the now 'reconstructed' party FNLS has been under the tight control of Ljulján Kustúc, grandson of Konstantin Kustúc. The new democratic parties have tried to keep both him and the PFLS out of government. The general saying is that the disappearance of Miljer was the best thing 'Ljuljol' ever did.


Conception of the FNLS party emblem during the Halinár era by Andrzej Łackieł, a well-known cartoonist from the RTC, published in the Wita Warsiny on 9 September, 1977. The accompanying text was:

"Nie posu koprzędzier", dziczewa gał, "prokożu tocie pule dziewżą a Weneda, aczkącz nutrzu łasz dzie manu?"
("I wonder," said the Rooster, "why all the chicken are running off to Veneda although I'm feeding them from my hand?")
In Slevan: "Nje pocu kúprjadér," diczeba hál, "prukvo toty poly travzsú a Veneda lci du-li dza múdykár dje manu!"

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