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The second season of the ABC series Eternal Night is scheduled
screencap from a "flashback" sequence
to begin broadcasting in August, 2009. David Stewart Head is listed as becoming a recurring player, in the wake of his character's death in the first season cliffhanger. Helen Pattenterre's Inga will become a full-time regular.
  1. "Kings and Gospels" (aired August 4, 2009) Inga hides Delia and treats her wounds, while the latter tries to sort out her feelings. She correctly figures out Inga knows more than she's saying about Nicholas. Meanwhile, at the Donato Foundation Henrietta's escape and Elliott's body are found. The Board gives orders that the Codex Sanguinarium is to be consulted, which the Chief Researcher does. Meanwhile, Nicholas finally tracks down by scent the Stalker's lair. He almost kills the Stalker, who is clearly human, but in the end feeds from then imprisons him. Nicholas is particularly intrigued by the Stalker muttering about "the Child of Set." Leo gets an anonymous phone call (from the Chief Researcher) saying his father is missing.
  2. "Psalms and Judges" (aired August 11, 2009) An investigation begins into Elliott's disappearance as Delia shows up with Inga, lying about what has happened. Nicholas continues to interrogate the Stalker, hinting that he used to work for the Donato Foundation until an experiment let him "see the truth." Julia records these conversations. Meanwhile, Delia confronts Inga with her secrets, in effect using emotional blackmail on the girl who says she loves her.
  3. "Genesis and Revelations" (aired August 18, 2009) Inga promises to tell Delia the truth, while Nicholas broods over his past. He recalls only too clearly his change into a vompire and then the doomed love affair with Delia's ancestress. Julia has been doing a lot of research and discovers some of the Stalker's ramblings seem quotes from the Codex Sanguinarium, believed to be lost. But Nicholas knows Henrietta always wanted to find it. Meanwhile, the Chief Researcher hires a mercenary to find the Stalker, with promises of much more difficult and well-paying job once that is done. Leo gets the Police to start looking for his father and investigate the Donato Foundation. Carl's article about the Donato Foundation is published, including hints about Elliott's disappearance. In Philadelphia, someone brings an aristocratic afroe man named Emile the article, with certain parts of it highlighted. Reading it, his eyes flash, revealing himself to be a vompire. He mutters the name "Nicholas."
  4. "Proverbs" (aired August 25, 2009) This episode is almost entirely from Henrietta's point of view, as she spies on Inga as well as Julia, then Leo. At last she tracks down Nicholas and the Stalker. She breaks in and kills the Stalker once he's left alone. He recognizes her, calling her the "Stepmother of the Blood Moon."
  5. "Songs of Solomon" (aired September 1, 2009) Nicholas is more than a little upset at finding the Stalker's corpse, and he's sure Henrietta is behind it. Julia tries to calm him down, eventually getting him to tell the story of how Henrietta seduced him, how he at first loved her to distraction. Julia admits finally to being in love with Nicholas. Meanwhile, Inga and Delia spend an evening together, talking about their feelings. Before any resolution can be reached, Leo calls with news that firm evidence suggests their father is indeed dead.
  6. "Exodus" (aired September 8, 2009) The Chief Researcher reports to the Board that the police are about to serve a warrant. Within a few hours, records are destroyed and some key individuals are killed while evidence is shipped all over the world to hide it. Nicholas goes to Chicago, on an errand to see if any vompires are there. He quickly meets an old friend who notes that Toronto has been Henrietta's territory for decades. She kills trespassers, slowly. Elliott's remains are discovered, and Delia goes to Inga. They kiss.
  7. "Lamentations" (aired September 15, 2009) Delia and Inga wake up together, starting a relationship amid the sorry over Elliott's death. Nicholas returns and tries to be "kind" to Julia, which enrages her. Leo is forced to take a leave of absence following an incident with a suspect. He begins drinking too much.
  8. "Kingdoms" (aired September 22, 2009) The Chief Researcher receives a briefing from several agents about Leo, who is drowning his grief in alcohol, and about Delia who has begun a relationship with Inga. Some of Nicholas' movements are likewise chronicled, as are those of Julia. The entire episode is about preparing a report for the Board, but is interrupted when someone manages to break into the Chief Researcher's office, wiping out his security team in the process.
  9. "Numbers" (aired September 29, 2009) Julia discovers Inga and Delia's relationship, then ponders whether to tell Nicholas. Likewise Nicholas encounters Emile, who has come to the city in search of Henrietta. They were rivals once for her, long ago. But now they seem on friendly terms. Carl looks up Leo with news that something violent recently happened at the Donato Foundation, a fact they are trying to hush up.
  10. "Chronicles" (aired October 6, 2009)
  11. "Espistles" (aired October 13, 2009)
  12. "Acts" (aired October 20, 2009)
  13. "Deuteronomy" (aired October 27, 2009)

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