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Eternal Night Season One began broadcast on the ABC network in August, 2008. It consisted of thirteen episodes.

the so-called "Stalker Sigil"
  1. "Past, Present, Future" (aired August 5, 2008) Dr. Julia d'Ambert, checking out an abandoned island mansion, discovers a strange mummified corpse with a wood crossbow bolt through its chest. She and a colleague, Erica Long, have been hired to inventory the hidden art treasures of the mansion, abandoned in 1918. When they remove the bolt and accidentally spill some blood on the corpse, it revives. Nicholas Rollins, vompire, attacks and drains Erica, killing her. He then bites Julia, who tells him of the anonymous donor that paid for the inventory. Nicholas has her help him adapt to the world after ninety years.
  2. "Webs We Weave" (aired August 12, 2008) Nicholas confirms that he still has relatives in Toronto, while Julia tries to earn his trust by helping him adapt. She reveals her medical background (but not all of it) while getting him blood. Meanwhile, Detective Leo Rollins is assigned the murder of Erica Long, sometimes employee of the charitable Donato Foundation. Nicholas sees Delia and is shocked at her resemblance to a girl he loved.
  3. "A Little Faith" (aired August 19, 2008) The Rollins family meets its long-lost cousin, who offers to purchase their old mansion Thornkirk and let them rent it for a nominal sum. They debate among themselves, while Leo discovers that Erica Long's friend Julia is now associated with Nicholas. He also comes to a dead end in finding out who hired them originally--nothing but empty offices and bogus identities. Elliott is charmed by Nicholas and grateful for his generosity. The two even strike up a friendship.
  4. "Better Days" (aired August 26, 2008) While financial arrangements are made, Leo in particular wants to find out more about Nicholas. A former boyfriend looks up Delia, but his emotional problems have gone from bad to worse. Leo and Nicholas end up working together to stop him from hurting Delia, but in the end don't hurt him themselves. Rather he ends up in a hospital. Julia notes with jealousy Nicholas' fondness for Delia. This episode marks the first appearance of Inga.
  5. "Childe Roland" (aired September 2, 2008) Nicholas and Julia begin exploring the north wing of Thornkirk, closed off for two generations. Leo tries to track down what happened to Erica Long's body. Meanwhile, a serial killer has begun hunting the homeless of Toronto, evidently drinking their blood. Carl Summers interviews an official of the Donato Foundation about their tendency to investigate paranormal events and purchase strange artifacts.
  6. "Unlikely Heroes" (aired September 9, 2008) Leo joins the task force seeking the so-called "Stalker", while Delia helps Nicholas go through her grandfather's papers. Julia meanwhile follows a clue that leads her to save Inga from a strange figure who may or may not be the Stalker. Carl Summers meanwhile meets Delia.
  7. "High Art" (aired September 16, 2008) Nicholas reacts very strongly to a portrait in the Thornkirk attic, that of Henrietta who turned him centuries ago. More intriguing is how Leo has turned up a strange sigil showing up near the Stalker killings--a sigil present in Henrietta's portrait. It is finally revealed that Inga is herself a vompire. A meeting of nameless people at the Donato Foundation shows the Rollins family is under observation, although the purpose behind same remains unstated.
  8. "Time and Again" (aired September 23, 2008) Delia meets Inga, and becomes intrigued by her strange new friend. Meanwhile, Leo begins researching what he calls the 'Stalker Sigil' and Nicholas obsesses about Henrietta, who evidently went insane over the long centuries. He admits to Julia he last saw her at the Atlanta Fire, and had believed her killed then. The Donato Foundation contacts Julia, a fact she keeps secret while trying to sever all ties with them.
  9. "Modus Operandi" (aired September 30, 2008) Quite by accident, Nicholas learns of the 'Stalker Sigil' and decides to hunt down the killer himself. As a result, he saves Leo's life twice, the second time by allowing himself to be shot. Bleeding profusely, he ends up draining Julia almost to death. He goes to extreme lengths to save her, while Leo reluctantly agrees to answer questions from reporter Carl Summers. Leo also discovers that the 'Stalker' has been killing in several cities including New Amsterdam and Chicago for nearly a decade. But some critical records in those cities have gone missing. In a Donato Foundation office, an underling reports that Detective Rollins has been trying to find the "destroyed files." The manager receiving this report has a painting of Henrietta on his office wall, a painting that includes the sigil.
  10. "Rash Decisions" (aired October 7, 2008) While Julia heals, she has nightmares about Erica, about how she has become so totally devoted to Erica's killer (it is revealed that Julia and Erica were onetime lovers). Delia has a strange night out with her new friend Inga, who finally meets Nicholas. He is suspicious of her. Another Stalker victim is found, this time with the sigil seen by Inga. She is upset, since she has a tattoo of that very emblem on her arm. Leo deals with a gang of vigilantes looking for the Stalker, and targeting a loner with mental problems. Elliott finds himself with a job offer from the Donato Foundation. Inga tries to sneak into Thornkirk, but is caught by Nicholas.
  11. "Blue Moon" (scheduled to air October 14, 2008) Inga and Nicholas make common cause against the Stalker, whom they believe is someone who knows about their kind. Meanwhile, Erica reveals that she is in remission with cancer. Nicholas warns her he won't make her a vampire, but suspects she has her own agenda. Leo encounters Carl Summers as they both investigate the Donato Foundation, which they both believe has some kind of link to the Stalker. Delia finds a photo of her lookalike from 1917, posed next to someone who looks exactly like Nicholas. Meanwhile, the Board meets secretly and is briefed about "The Project." The chief researcher leads them to a lab where Henrietta lies immobilized by a sliver of wood through her heart. Tubes attached to her are both injecting and drawing forth blood from her body. As they leave her alone, Henrietta's eyes open.
  12. "In The Dark" (scheduled to air October 21, 2008) At the Donato Foundation, the Board gets a report on Elliott's orientation as a liaison with Toronto businessmen. Delia, hanging around with Inga, notices some of her new friend's acquaintances behave a little strangely. Nicholas is furious at what he calls Inga "endangering" Delia. Later, he cools down and offers her a safe haven at Thornkirk. Leo and Carl meet with someone who claims to be a "defector" from the Donato Foundation. Clearly terrified, he speaks obliquely of mysteries in which no one believes anymore. He disappears soon after the meeting. Erica secretly begins research into the sigil. Nicholas insists he and Inga need to make contact with others of their kind.
  13. "No Mercy" (scheduled to air October 28, 2008) Carl begins to secretly follow Elliott, while Leo gets a real lead about the Stalker. Delia follows Nicholas and Inga, who fail to find any other vompires in the city. Unknown to them all, the Stalker has spotted Delia. Nicholas manages to save her from an attack, but only by revealing his powers. Inga speeds a wounded Delia away to Erica. The Stalker turns out as strong as Nicholas, but is wounded when shot by Leo. Still he manages to get away. At the Donato Foundation, Elliott slips away and goes to the lab where Henrietta lies. He frees her. She in turn kills him, and makes her escape. Carl sees her get away and alerts the Board via phone. Delia, waking up, finds herself watched over by Inga, who confesses herself in love with her.
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