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The Chaos Syndrome is a powerful mutagenic compound, typically injected or otherwise injested in order to work. So far, three versions of the Chaos Syndrome have appeared in the works of Fantastic Creations.


Version One

The first version of the Chaos Syndrome was an accident, caused by an explosion in one of Dr Chimera's laboratories.

This version is capable of enhancing the subject's own natural ablilties, but it also causes severe mental instability.

Version Two

The second version was engineered from the original, with some magical enhancements, which causes the subjects to be more susceptible to a particular form of mind-control.

Differing from the first, the second version causes the subject to become evil rather than simply mad.

Version Three

The third version is essentially a modified version of the second, but without the increased susceptiblity to mind-control (in fact, only the increase in evil is expressed in subjects not already evil).

Unlike the first two versions, which mutate the subject into an enhanced version of the subject, the third version is designed to introduce powerful dragon-like features.


Notable victims of the Chaos Syndrome

  • Berserker - Chaos Syndrome pt.6
  • Dr Chaos - Chaos Syndrome pt.7
  • Cabuqui - Chaos Syndrome pts.2, 5-6
  • Foxbat - Chaos Syndrome pts.1, 5, 6
  • Ji-qang Long - Chaos Syndrome pt.6; Year of the Dragons pts.2-4
  • Li-mei Long - Chaos Syndrome pt.6; Year of the Dragons pts.2-4
  • Silverwind - Chaos Syndrome pts.3, 5-6
  • Wendigo - Chaos Syndrome pt.6
  • White Spider - Chaos Syndrome pts.3, 5-6
  • Xi-qi Long - Year of the Dragons pts. 4-5
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