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Born in New Amsterdam, Rhoberth Emreis was raised by his aunt and uncle after both his parents dissapeared when he was five. He was often teased at school for being somewhat scrawny, and for having his head constantly burried in books. While studing archeological artifacts from Les Plaines, he came across a talisman depicting Iktomi (a Lakota trickster-spirit). After he was scratched by it, he began halucinating, and fainted. When he came to, the talisman was gone, but he felt diferent somehow.

After accidentally discovering his powers whilst walking back home one day, he found police outside his aunt and uncle's house. After hearing that his uncle had been attacked and hospitalised by a gang of thugs, he decided to fight crime.


White Spider has exceptional strength and agility, proportional to those of a spider, and can also climb along most forms of surfaces. He has two pairs of retractable kawaric appendages attached to the back of his costume. Additionally, he has the ability to spray a silk-like substance from the foldable carapace on his back (which looks like a spider's abdomen), as well as from gauntlets and attachments to the appendages, and a form of knock-out gas from nozzles on his mask (which look like a spider's mandibles).

Supporting Characters

White Spider is mostly a loner, as he doesn't want anyone to get hurt needlessly. He is occasionally assisted by heroes who make a guest appearence, notably Foxbat, and later Gryphon.


His main enemies are Baron Samedi, the Gang of Six, various criminal organisations and, occasionaly, Blowpipe.

League of Righteousness

White Spider is one of the founding members of the League of Righteousness, and is a member of the League Counicil since it expanded more than a year later.

Graphic Novels

Chaos Syndrome

White Spider has been affected by the Chaos Syndrome several times, notably in the graphic novel series Chaos Syndrome, parts 3, 5 and 6. On each occasion, he becomes Spider-blight.


Spider-blight is considrably stronger than White Spider, and looks like an eight-foot tall humanoid arachnid. The markings on his body mirror those on his costume, but replaces the white colorings with dark brown.

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