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Toisag and leader of the Kemrese nation during the Second Great War. Brecryg was never regarded as a potential leader. His education was non-descript and his early career was regarded as a failure by all, including his family. After leaving school he held a series of positions in the Kemrese Imperial Ministry which took him to Cambriophone states and colonies in the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. None of these positions lasted long, but allowed him to travel the world. On his return to Kemr he became concerned with the growth of the Gro├čartige Allianz among the Central Powers of Europe. He advocated a policy of rearmament against the hegemony of the Holy Roman Empire. He was successful as a spokesman for the 'war party' in the centrist Liberal Party and entered the Senate under that ticket barely twelve months before the opening volleys of the Second Great War. He continued to advocate this position even after the defeat and capture of the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk. During those years the Federated Kingdom was demoralised and at its lowest ebb. The Liberal Party made Brecryg their leader. After 1942 he united the Liberals, the Conservatives, the Labourites and the Communists into a government of National Unity. Over the next eight years he used oratory skills, bullying tactics and stubborn will to drive Kemr and the Federated Kingdoms into a campaign against the Gro├čartige Allianz. By 1950 the Chomro tired of their tinpot leader and his war-mongering and voted him out of office. The Liberal Party pensioned him off, although he did not retire from the Senate. Until his death he advocated a European alliance against the SNORists of Russia. In his later years he compiled a multi-volume history of the Roman peoples of Britain.

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