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Borgne-Hardie S.A.
Type Public company
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Founded Valcourt, New Francy (1942)
Location Ville-Marie, New Francy
Key people Joseph Borgne & Armand Hardie
Employees 59,550 (2005)
Industry Aerospace / Railways
Products snow vehicles, water bombers, trains (TGV), trams
Revenue Green up.png P15.8 billion NFP (2005)

Borgne-Hardie S.A., a Neofrancian enterprise, was founded by Joseph Borgne and Armand Hardie as Les Auto-Neiges Borgne et Hardie S.A.R.L. in 1942, at Valcourt, New Francy. Borgne and Hardie are credited with developping the Autobogan, snowmobiles, as well as some inovation in the field of TGV train technology, business luxury dirigeables, and railway cars.

The largest number of its employees are engaged in the transportation area, being 31,570 in general transportation and 27,100 involved in Aerospace. In all, it is one of the larger employers in Ville-Marie in the secondary industry sector.

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