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Decided to change it from Bombardier? Sounds fine to me... BoArthur

Like the other entry I usualy make, I prefer to make them similar rather then identical. allows more freedom in my view (and less chance for a cease and desist email....)
I forgot to ask, was there any reason for you to include it ? were you planing on refering to it in another entry ? --Marc Pasquin 17:35, 31 October 2005 (PST)

I added it because it was Bombardier that provided some of the essential hardware for the French TGV's *here* and I thought it should exist in some form *there* and on top of it, it's Neofrancien, and I feel that they're not nearly as represented in the volume of the wiki as they should be. ;) BoArthur

I wasn't sure what symbol the Neofrancien piasse was, so I used the P . Is that right?

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