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Apotheosis is a dual release film, with a scheduled sequel. It was released on the national holiday of France and Louisianne, 14 July 2015. It was a joint production between Apex Productions and Studios Pathé-Gaumont, directed by James Lochiel. It is focused on the results of recent space-faring among humans, and our interactions with the aliens we find in space.


The first film, Apotheosis:Spring, was released initially in Louisianne, shows the widespread-panic that builds in the NAL-SLC when large alien ships arrive and settle in over Japan and Louisianne, and the nations go silent, and all traffic in and out of the nations are stopped. It focuses on a young couple in Mobile who hear a local dignitary, much resembling Geoffrey Sessions claiming that the Blue Martians have at last revealed themselves. The filme focuses on a family that's trying to reach relatives across the Mizouri, the high-level meetings between the General Moderator and the leaders of nations surrounding Louisianne, and researchers at CERN observing the stellar medium and increasing particle emissions from a vector toward galactic center.

The second film, Apotheosis:Wildfire was released initially in the NAL-SLC, shows the truth on the ground of Louisianne. The aliens, calling themselves the Wakinyan, or the Thunder Beings, have come to Earth, seeing that humans have ventured into space. It is revealed that the solar system is on the edge of the territory claimed by Skookum, a violent race. The Wakinyan have come to help Earth prepare for the inevitable contact ahead. As it was the Japanese and Louisiannan people that first ventured beyond Earth's atmosphere, they were the first contacted, deemed the most enlightened. They promise great technology and other enhancements that would elevate humanity to a god-like status, and empower them to survive the Skookum.

Both films continue to build, and there is some bleed through of news events, however, the silence between Japan, Louisianne, and the rest of the world continues, leading to a mass-panic, culminating in the leadership of the so-called free-world preparing to launch a nuclear assault against the vessels in the skies, while Louisianne and Japan continue, oblivious until the very end.

These two films will be resolved in the final installment, Apotheosis:Requiem.

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