Žemaitijos Oro Bendrovė

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Žemaitijos Oro Bendrovė
Type Public company
Founded 2001
Location Kaunas, Lithuania
Key people Arvydas Kulpė, CEO
Industry Avionic Transport
Products Passenger & Freight Transports
Revenue Green up.png or Red down.png AMOUNT

Žemaitijos Oro Bendrovė (Samogitian Air Company) is an air carrier from Samogitia, Lithuania. It was established in 2001 as one of attempts by the government of Samogitia to make the area more economically independent. This was done as well due to accusations that Lithuanian Airlines favours its main hub Vilnius in Vilnija and thus does not serve Samogitia enough.

The company is privatelly owned and is the largest air company in Samogitia. Governent of Samogitia was accused of protectionism in favour of it however.

Two hubs of the Žemaitijos Oro Bendrovė are Kaunas and Klaipėda. Flights are operated where routes are profitable; mostly to the major economic centers in nearby countries and the RTC, as well as territories with large Lithuanian minorities. As for now, only destinations in Europe are served, but there are plans to aquire larger aircraft in order to start flying to Tejas, NAL and some other destinations.

One of main goals of the companmy, supported politically by the government of Samogitia, is to estabilish the Kaunas-Osiligi-Voldemaravas; this would be the first air connection from Lithuania to Maasai and Free Lithuania since the time those two countries became independent. It is unclear how profitable such route would be as there are several thousand people overally and not much more Lithuanians left in Maasai, and both countries are poor, but such bridge would be important for the government of Samogitia (and as well Free Lithuania, as this might increase tourism there by much), as well a good advertisement for the company. However, despite initial hopes, due to Samogitia's reluctance to ban the Brotherhood of National Honour in its area and the insisting of Maasai that it should be banned, talks came to a halt now.

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