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Keith Gaughan
Name in Gaeilg: Cíat Ó Gaibhtheachaín
Name in Brithenig: Cuid Gaftheachain
 Date: 1979
 Place: Ireland
Place of residence: Ireland
Profession: Software Developer
Natural languages: English, Irish (though far weaker than I'd like); marginal fluency in French
Constructed languages: Gaeilg (IB Gaelic), various others
Interests: Stuff and nonsense
IB Related Info: No. 21 on The List

A citizen of An tAonstát Éireann, Cíat Ó Gaibhtheachaín is a software developer working for the National Advanced Academic Research Administration in the areas of networking and information exchange and as the current editor of the Achainithe do Tráchtaí on the Idirlíon project. Few think much will come of it.

Cíat grew up in the small village of Ath an Chláir in Tír Bréifne. He went on to do an Honours Degree in Computing in Ardscoil Náidhiúnta Eolaíochta Corcaí (ANEC). He is also a member of Lla Societad d'ill Bethisad being 21st on The List, where he holds the titles of Assistant Lord High Badger Shaver and Most Fear'd Administrator of the Packet Switching Network (meaning, if there's anything you need to know about computing in IB, he's your man).

(If anyone wants to translate my name, my first name means "wood" (as in small wooded area), and my surname means something vaguely like "descendant of the metalworker"--appropriate, seeing as that's exactly what my father does--or "descendant of the <some metal>smith".)

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