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Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón
Birth: November 29, 1972; Bogotá, Colombia
Profession: Electronics Engineer
Languages: Spanish, English, Swedish

Alternate history, Constructed languages, Vexillology, Telecommunications, Data networks

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at Alternate History Wiki
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My contributions

Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón, AKA Chlewey, is number 20 on the list, resident of New Granada. Overseer of Castile and Leon and their related Communities, and regent of South America and other Castilian and Aragonese nations while a better overseer comes in place.





Chlewey *here*

Electronics Engineer, born and living in Bogotá, Colombia.

Interested in Maths, Conlanging, Alternate History, Vexillology, etc.

Current Master of Instrumentality in Conlang Wikicity, VexiCol mailing list.

To Do List

  • Clean up markup on overseen and regented territories, including adding and updating the factbook table. Particularly:
    • Autonomous regions of Castilian Spain
    • Castilian overseas territories
  • Define templates for infoboxes.

Language Corrections

Carlos Thompson is not a native English speaker, and while a fair reader in English, he has a terrible orthography. Everybody is free to correct the language in any article edited by Carlos Thompson. Well, This is a Wiki, so it should be understood. --Chlewey