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Star Wanderers first season began on August 18, 2008, airing in the Monday timeslot just prior to Space Voyage 2245 on NBC, drawing some of NABC's viewership.

Star Wanderers's first season, with teasers:


  1. Bon Voyage: In the year of 2075, the world is fighting population pressures, volcanoes have erupted in Antarctica, and the world is forced to look elsewhere to save itself from the rising tides. The Batavian Kingdom is all but lost, its people refugees, and the population centers of the world, the Chinas, Nam Viet and the Indonesian archipelago are faced with the worst of it, but most of the third world is affected. To help with this, the League of Nations institutes a number of plans, from beginning the colonization of the other planets of our system to building stations in space to house the refugees and prepare for the human diaspora. But the key to their efforts is the search for a new earth-like planet where humanity can be sent to live in unity, bonded together as they tame a new frontier. The crowning glory of this effort is Erebus I, a vessel of colonizers and explorers, set to find the new earth, and their goal is likely to be found at Alpha Centauri. The colonizers and explorers say good bye to their loved ones and board the Erebus, knowing that this may be the last time they see Earth...
  2. Bon Vent: (Aired originally as part of Episode 1) With the crew in Statis Pods, Professor Juan Carlos Diego Spinoza, a stowaway and agent of the Gaian Alliance successfully sabotages the guidance system, sending them on a direct course through Jupiter's heart. What he doesn't expect is the command crew are awoken, and combat him, and are further able to save the ship, but at the cost of their final destination. To save themselves from Jupiter's gravity well the Y-D drive is engaged, flinging the Erebus off into space, far from Earth, and with no star fixes to guide them home.
  3. Starlight, Starbright, First Star I see tonight: Giovanni Moretti and Roman Galiano are guiding the ship's optics through all the visible space around them, searching for quasars to help triangulate their position in the galaxy, or even, the universe. While they search, Captain Ndele interrogates Professor Spinoza, seeking any other members of the plot. Supplies are dwindling and tempers are rising...
  4. Water, Water, Everywhere, but Nary a Drop to Drink: Interrogation of Spinoza continues, but with more stringent measures, the mind-sift. While the Captain and medical crew plumb the depths of his mind, the other crew is reviving station techs to build hydroponics bays for the crew and to begin harvesting the water that they will synthesize their fuel from for their onward voyage. The crew struggles to extend the solar panel wings that Erebus uses in the fuel synthesis process.
  5. Onward, Upward: The crew settles in to the Statis Pods, the ship refueled, and the ship launches toward the unknown star they've charted, hoping for the best. There has been no luck finding Earth or Sol, or any of the Milky Way, but the crew has sighted a habitable star-system--and when they arrive, they discover not just a habitable world...
  6. Waiting in the Wings:Erebus waits on the outer rim of the destination system, which the crew has dubbed Hope. Mining of the Oort Cloud has begun, refueling Erebus' now drained system. As progress on refueling continues, Giovanni Moretti and Roman Galiano bring to light important news. There is a habitable world, a world of land and water, much like the Earth, and it could support human life.
  7. Center Stage: Months have passed and the crew has established a station above the planet's surface. In an effort to keep the humans from contaminating the planet below, as well as putting themselves out of reach, irretrievably on the planet's surface for generations to come, Captain Ndele has restricted the library access. The opposition party has formed and are about to come to the fore as a majority in the station government...with Professor Spinoza at the head.
  8. Murder 10101: The murder of a space miner brings the Legitimists lead by Captain Ndele and the Free Men lead by Professor Spinoza to a stand-off, a civil Cold War settling on the station and ship. Ndele and his followers retreat to the ship when Spinoza's faction takes control of the life-support systems, Cailean Ó Raghailligh and Katerína Vavra try to find Korey the Kawar--who has gone missing since just before the miner's death...
  9. Misinformation: Captain Ndele and the crew detect what seems to be a radio signal from Earth, and wish to detach the Erebus from the station to pursue the signal, especially if it means that the ship and its passengers can return to Earth. To protect the interests of the Legitimists on the station, Ndele leaves James Haloran and Ulf Bjarnasson along with other loyal crew to stand against the political pressure of the Free Men. Spinoza takes this departure as a chink in the defenses of the Legitimists and begins his own campaign--true colonization, of the planet below.
  10. Sooners: Spinoza and the Free Men begin accessing landing craft diagrams from the bowels of the data stores, dredging up the landers Sarutahico of ATOE and the Leichtfallen of the German space program. As they begin to print off the diagrams, the Legitimists cut off their work, air and food. Spinoza directs the construction of a second command center to the space station to rid themselves of the threat of the Legitimists.
  11. Civil Disorder:The Legitimists and Free Men squabble over corridors of the base, trying to cut out spheres of influence in the station. Maria Colombo, tired of the fighting and wanting peace, begins the Benedictines after the example of Pope Benedict XV. The Benedictines work to take control of the station from both factions, and to return the fighting to a political sphere, only.
  12. Triumvirate: James Haloran and Professor Spinoza agree to a tentative cease-fire, and to leaving the control of the station in the hands of the Benedictines. In concession for this cease fire, each side has stipulated an agreement. From the Legitimists a strict refining schedule has been agreed to, ensuring that Erebus could depart as soon as it had returned from the deeps of space. The Free Men received rights to the plans for the landers, but agree to not begin construction, pending further developments. The Legitimists insert moles to hinder the Free Men, and the Free Men work to hinder fuel production for Erebus, while the Benedictines suffer infighting as some of the newly awoken stationers jockey for position with Maria Colombo.
  13. Deception: With the moles from the Legitimists uncovered by Professor Spinoza and his close cadre of leaders, they continue forward with their plans for construction of the landers, while keeping those moles from that knowledge. Life on a space station is close-quarters, and the plans don't stay hidden for long, with one of the landers finished and the second nearly completed.
  14. Potentia Deum: The Legitimists, armed to the hilt, seize the construction bays of the Free Men. As negotiations begin to falter and violence looks to rear its head again, the astronomers of the station take note of incoming comet bodies, aimed on a course for the planet below. While none of them will impact, burning up in the atmosphere, some of them have trajectories that show they may intercept the station. Negotiations are abandoned, and with Erebus out of reach, the station begins a frantic effort to construct the pods, under the auspices of the Benedictine leadership.
  15. Iudicium Deum: Spinoza's plan to force a landing has proven effective, but only his inner circle knows of his treachery. The arrival of the comet-bodies is understood, and the maximum number of pods possible have been built. As two hours from potential impact arrives, the station, like a flower shedding leaves launches the flotilla of pods toward the planet below, leaving a skeleton crew 100 aboard, waiting for the judgment of fate or God, or whatever power controls the universe, to see if they would be spared.
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