Star Wanderers, Season Two

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Star Wanderers's second season, with teasers:


  1. The Eye of the Storm: The comets pass, miraculously missing the station, although this is only understood some hours after their passage. While the comets continue on toward the sun, the skeleton crew revive just enough of the station to keep themselves alive. On the planet below the colonists are taking stock of their situation, when a message crackles over the radio. It seems that a storm front is moving in, and the would-be colonists are in for some very rough weather.
  2. New Dawn: While the Benedictines left aboard the station continue to restore the systems and activate the harvesting robots, the colonists on the ground take stock following the terrible storm. Many of the crew are injured, but none seriously. They have lost some of their food-stocks, but this could likely be restored by those in orbit in due time. What is more concerning to the colonists are the kami stones that surround their landing area. Odzhi Tacamaçu, the resident psychologist and anthropologist points out that there are hominids, and they can’t be that far from what the colonists perceive as humanity. As such, the colonists have landed in a Holy Place, and likely face retribution from the locals.
  3. Population Explosion: The colonists on the station soon realize the depth of their situation. Without the return of Erebus, they will soon have to abandon the station, unless they can procure additional help. Cailean Ó Raghailligh and Katerína Vavra work with Korey the Kawar to produce additional helpers for the station. As they begin work a number of the women of the station and on the surface admit that they are pregnant, and that the colony will be growing with human children, too.
  4. New Frontiers: With the station aflutter with new “Korinos” work on the station continues, and care packages for the colonists below are prepared. Korey recommends that some of the mining robots be retrofitted with duplicates of his consciousness to capture and mine an asteroid trailing their planet in a Trojan orbit. As the station crew prepare for this effort, the colonists on the planet find that their frontier sensors are being tried almost nightly, but never damaged or destroyed. It seems that the natives are curious, but, so far, non-violent.
  5. Round-up: Kirby, Keystone and Kolman, clones of Korey the Kawar are sent on their round-up of the asteroid to nudge it closer to the station and begin mining it for the precious minerals that the station will need to construct the space plane to return the colonists to orbit. But on the planet, things are progressing from bad to worse, as initially items from the camp go missing, and at the end of a work day, an entire biology survey team.
  6. Pitfalls and Pratfalls: Spinoza’s final piece to the puzzle activates on the station as the first load of ore arrives from the asteroid. He has arranged for the manufacturing station to implode when the first new batch of ore is processed. The damage to the station is sufficient that the survivors must abandon the efforts for the shuttle and pitch themselves in the final foray to the surface of the planet. Meanwhile, Spinoza and the other members of the Free Men oppose the proposed plan of the Legitimists to track down and liberate the abducted biology team. The local Benedictines refuse to act, and so it is that James and Ulf take it upon themselves to find the missing crew, and end up captives themselves.
  7. Gossamer Wings: The final desperate preparations aboard the station finish, but Cailean Ó Raghailligh and Katerína Vavra are nowhere to be found as they work with Korey to make a final clone, Kamber who will work around the station, sealing up holes in the station, and otherwise working with Kirby, Keystone and Kolman to restore the station to rights while they descend to the surface, in their only hope of survival. With a heavy heart, Vavra and Raghailligh close the hatch and they descend to Earth with Korey.

    On the surface, James and Ulf are lead before what appears to be a local council of the aliens, who call themselves “Abizhene”. After tense conversation, they realize they are not exactly captives, but they are certainly not free to go anywhere. After some time, the Abizhene leaders leave their council chamber, and James and Ulf’s attention is forced to the sky where a stream of gossamer wings falls from the sky toward the human settlement. The leaders ask “PaedaÏ chättü ock’!”
  8. Moon Men and Anachronisms: James and Ulf can't answer the question - common language has not been found. The Abizhene seem patient, if primitive, but soon reveal that they're more advanced than they would seem. Under the cover of trees, it is discovered that the Abizhene possess steam-engines and trains, gun-powder, and oddly advanced ceramics knowledge. They're not sure where they're being taken, but they can only hope for the best.
  9. Finding Home: The humans are guided by Abizhene people away from the holy place, and to a coastal inlet, where the Abizhene help them to build a council chamber, and after building a central altar-like fire-place, a fire is lit, and the Abizhene melt away, leaving a city layout for the humans to fill in. The Benedictines, ever-seeking peace help coordinate construction efforts, and the Free-men and Legitimists carve out neighborhoods for themselves, all while building to the Abizhene plans.
  10. Finding Understanding: Ulf and James find themselves in a great spiraling city, centered on a mountain in the midst of the plains. On the mountain, carved into the very rock is a grand palace, with sweeping lines. They make their way along the inward-spiralling roads, and know that the locals they met originally are far from the leaders of the planet, whom they will soon meet. They are shown to quarters, and begin to plan a means to broach conversation with the Abizhene, on whose good graces they depend.
  11. Technological Limitations: While much of their original technology they landed with is in good condition, they lack any manufacturing capabilities, and thus any hope of a quick return to the station. Raghailligh and Vavra work with Korey to discover local flora, fauna and minerals that could help them build their abilities, but it becomes clear that a single-stage rocket plane with major freight capacity is out of the question.
  12. Good News: A message arrives from Kamber. The station is sealed, and with care, nudging itself outward into a more stable orbit. Kamber also reports that Keystone,and Kolman have revived Kirby -- so there is hope of help, at some point in the future, if the humans on the surface can survive. The news pales, though, as the Abizhene arrive in Newtown, Spinoza drug between them, a prisoner.
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